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  1. Hi, Lately I'm studing the torrents protocols, for writing a simple sample client, and I run into two question which I couln't find answer sadly. I'm wonder, before years we had the slowest turtle called 'emule', it was pretty crappy though, But it has a great feature, it has file search via the Kademlia. If I understood currectly, torrent replacement for Kademlia is DHT which actually implement it. So why we can't we share a directory and search in it like oldschool Emule did? Why it's only limited to '.torrent' files only? As well I'm not understand what DHT does in case of Hash collision, I mean it's probably uncommon (2^64) but still, its happens, then what? Even if you don't know the answer, could you please direct me to a place I could read more info about it? Thanks in advance!