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  1. Updated windows this morning now my magnet links aren't working. Is there options somewhere that need to be enabled and possibly got disabled during the update?
  2. using the new build, 42607 and now no magnet links will open in BitTorrent. Any help with what changed?
  3. I can't thank you enough for your time. I enabled portforward on my router and set BitTorrent to random ports and I am downloading again. Oh after a reboot from the changes of course. Thank you so much
  4. I have tried multiple torrents from 3 different sites and they all do this.
  5. I don't know how to do or what slackware is, and I've tried without my VPN and still nothing. I tried under a hotel wifi while working out of town and still nothing. So I don't think anyone is blocking it. I'll try to figure out how to do a screen shot and post it.
  6. Then how do I get a refund, because this is useless to me as it sits. Just says connecting to peers for hours and days. Never connects. So just direct me to a link for a refund.
  7. Has anyone figured this out yet? Same issue here. Stuck on connecting to peers and I'm not a tech guy so I can't just trouble shoot it myself. DHT is waiting for log in, IDK what to do. Always worked fine for over a year, Ive changed nothing. What went wrong? Thank you