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  1. I am in the regular view it's just empty
  2. What would cause my seeds to just vanish
  3. perez

    Ratio %

    Some are 7.554 there a total or all are handle individually what ratio shall i stop ? Also i notice some of the seeds queued seeds why is that ?
  4. perez

    Ratio %

    Where do i find this to see my percentage ?
  5. Will copy files to another location leaving originals alone, thanks
  6. After download i normally clean up the file..then it will say files missing and wont seed How do i fix this
  7. 2 weeks no reply from anyone at bittorrent here or customer service You just lost a paying customer
  8. I installed windows 10 clean and forgot about bittorrent pro key info Didn't write it down sent an email still no reply from bittorent. How long does it take to answer back been waiting 6 days now
  9. All of the uninstall programs i've tried cannot find it it's not showing up in windows program remove