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  1. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows why this happens? I have a VPN and three different torrent clients - Bittorrent included - and I am getting the same message. Also, sometimes it works for a short time and then drops out again, as does my VPN software but not always at the same time. Sometimes Bittorrent won't even load. My provider is a joke, I am on FTTN (fibre connection for the block of houses not just one house) is there some way the Node is fucking up the DHT login, if so, why only sometimes? Also my connection drops out dozens of time a day - but not at the same time as the DHT waiting to login problem. Very confused. 1. Could this be some kind of driver filter OR 2. Is this some kind of port filter OR 3. Is this a broken hijack attempt OR 4. Is there any way for me to chat with someone who knows about this stuff (and knows it is none of the above)? Please help. Mike.