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  1. annnnnnd, the short answer is "nevermind"... Somehow, in a fog, while turning off ads, etc, in the advanced settings, I had checked vpn.dark_mode, which seems to have no description, or help, or any info at all... I assume I was thinking I needed it set in order to run through a vpn.... WRONG. All is seems to do is prevent you from seeing any connections whether open or through a vpn. That's why there is a warning not to mess with the advanced settings!!! Moral: Don't touch "vpn.dark_mode". sigh, sorry OTOH, the OP may not have noticed a small yellow triangle at the bottom right of the status bar which indicates no incoming connections and clicking on it will run a network speed and connection test... That may help isolate the problem. OR, the box "add windows firewall exception" may not be checked in the Options/connections menu...
  2. Hi, Not hijacking....nearly exact same problem... so another data point - no, does not work w/o vpn for me... that's why I signed up for one. - vpn has endpoints in US and Canada, neither worked for p2p (but email and internet do work) - comcast subscriber, if that is an issue - tried several current (mods within the last week) lists of trackers... all of them show timeout or hostname not found - tried an old completed torrent with and without new tracker list... same situation - no, slackware torrent using http://tracker1.transamrit.net:8082/announce (1,2,3) shows "offline(timed out)" is it time to get paranoid???? one more point... all 3 torrents I mentioned above, show 2 peers in the [local peer discovery] line under the Trackers tab... everything else is 0, and no peers connect under the Peers tab.