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  1. Well, No problem you can ask any time about torrenting and P2P websites because it is my favorite subject. The thing is P2P sharing software or Bittorrent clients require specific port forwards because windows Firewall blocks any suspicious activity or ports which it deems potentially harmful. But you can allow trustworthy ports through router to bypass firewall restrictions. But, do not forget to use the best torrent VPN it will encrypt your peer to peer connection. Here is a complete guide how peer to peer file sharing works.
  2. Please check you port forwarding is enable or not? Also checkout the guide of bittorrent because sometimes firewall block the ports for torrenting.
  3. Not I understand the problem, actually it is from the other end. Please try to download any other torrent from same site or download same torrent from other website. I hope it will work for you.
  4. Can you please share your screen so that it will be easier to understand the problem.
  5. Which version you are using right now? and secondly have you updated your client?