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  1. An individual node may or may not actually have the torrent metadata, even if it has the infohash in its routing table.
  2. Click the "#" column header to sort by queue number.
  3. Is BitTorrent running when you shut down?
  4. Is BitTorrent running or not when you shut the computer down? What specific version of windows 10 (run winver to find out)?
  5. That torrent is just under-seeded.
  6. In preferences - directories Put new downloads in. This setting is not retroactive to already loaded torrents.
  7. You need to set the download location on any files you move. Changes to the preferences are NOT retroactive to already loaded torrents.
  8. Check under labels - hidden for the missing torrent.
  9. What setup guide did you follow to configure BitTorrent?
  10. Have you forced a re-check on the torrent after making the changes?
  11. Bitlord is not one of our products. We don't provide support for it.
  12. This is mostly caused by you not actually accepting the pop-up that comes with magnets. It may be coming up off-screen.
  13. http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826055 The guide covers everything clearer than we can describe to you.
  14. Geolocation data on ip addresses isn't that accurate.
  15. That's a problem you need to bring up with the site admins, not us.
  16. Availability is calculated based on the peers you're connected to. Not what is reported from tracker information (which can be inaccurate, old and faked)
  17. So you likely have something in your setup blocking.
  18. And what about the tracker status for those?
  19. We have NOT been given the access to the billing system needed to solve issues such as yours. In spite of that notice, we can't actually help.
  20. And what about the actual tracker. Private sites block those three (DHT, LPD, PEX)
  21. BitTorrent as a protocol doesn't allow the sender to "not support resuming"
  22. In what driver? Because BitTorrent doesn't operate at a level where it's even possible to be the root cause of bluescreens.