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  1. It's on the individual files in the files tab, right-click menu.
  2. Contact pro support via http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/emails/new
  3. If it's re-checking on its own, that means that some conditions on your system tell BitTorrent that the files have changed since the last session. In that case, it NEEDS to do the re-check, in spite of what you might think.
  4. True duplicates in the strict bittorrent protocol definition will never happen. The kind of duplicates you want to block aren't anywhere near as easy to prevent.
  5. There are standing issues with the torrent maker and how it reads files for hashing. You're going to need to use a different torrent maker for torrents of larger files.
  6. Manually modifying the torrent contents can and likely will invalidate the torrent itself, making you unable to download it.
  7. Are you sure you didn't turn the notifications off within bittorrent?
  8. You must use CURRENT versions of the clients to get support.
  9. You are not using a supported version.
  10. Well you have something blocking. Slackware torrents are known good torrents.
  11. Then you have either blocking internet security software or blocking internet provider.
  12. Does the problem persist when you try slackware torrents? http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php
  13. You'd need to get the key from your e-mail again.
  14. There is not (and you posted in the wrong section of the forums anyway)
  15. What is the listed availability for the torrent?
  16. I don't need a video to see what is going on. In the time between my two posts on the topic you could have simply tested with the slackware torrents. That test will tell me where to go next.
  17. It honestly sounds like something to do with network hardware or software (network card drivers, antivirus or firewall) rather than the various clients you've tried. Do slackware torrents give the same behavior? http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php
  18. That's not something we provide support for here.
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