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  1. Pause button

    But if i stopped downloading and click play, it will recheck the file again always which will use 100% disk usage and it takes looong time. If i pause the torrent and exit the client, it does not recheck the file. I have not got any corrupted file since i did this trick for years so nothing wrong with pause button. Stop and play is for SSD users only
  2. Pause button

    Uhm sorry you misunderstand me The screenshot above was from the internet and it was how it looked like on older versions. Why did you removed the pause button on latest version? any reason? It will be much easier to click pause on the main torrent site.
  3. Pause button

    I don't like right-click and click "pause". Can you bring back pause button like it was on previous versions? Click on stop and play makes it re-check the whole file before download and it uses 100% of disk.