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  1. Hi, My bittorrent is not minimizing to system tray, on closing, just on start up. I have the relevant settings in Preferences. I have my bittorrent started up at the start of the windows, automatically through settings. The minimize to system tray option is unchecked. So, each time my windows starts, I close the bittorrent to send it to system tray. Its strange that it doesn't get minimized to system tray, when I close it sometime after startup. It just sort of vanishes. On finding it nowhere, I restart it again, and this time when I close it, it successfully gets minimized to system tray. Whats happening?
  2. Guys, this is really an important enhancement. I fully support this post. The reasons are:- 1. If I start bittorrent minimized and my bittorrent minimizes to system tray, then I have a real difficulty switching between bittorrent and other applications, when I have such requirement. 2. If I start bittorrent minimized and my bittorrent doesn't minimizes to system tray(instead it closes to system tray) then everytime I start my PC, I have to click on the bittorrent(which is started up at start of the windows) and then close it to minimize it to system tray. This becomes really frustrating when required to be done again and again! Note:- All the above, is assuming that I do want to start my bittorrent at startup.