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  1. After upgrading to Bit Torrent version 7.9.9 build 7.9.9: I have not been able to download any torrents. The problem first occurred on my desktop so I though it might have been an error in the bit torrent update so I delete it and reinstalled and had the same problem. I tried my laptop on Saturday and was able to download torrents; but after restarting my laptop due to security updates; the latest version of Bit Torrent 7.9.9 was installed. After getting the new version of Bit Torrent 7.9.9 it became in-operable. I have attached a screen shot for reference on what I receive when I try downloading. Does anyone have any recommendations for fixing this problem?
  2. Ever torrent I try downloading it get tagged as inactive and will not connect to any peers. This issue has occurred from different sites and on about 10-15 different files.
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