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  1. I am having the same problem. Just started today Monday 2-27-17 I was downloading a torrent, then another one. Second one said couldn't find path, so I just deleted it, which took the other download with it and deleted that one also, even though it was downloading. Tried to get first download again, but keeps saying can't find path... Now ANY torrent I try to download says same thing... Screen capture included: Please help!!
  2. ok, thanks, figured it out, u can kill this thread...
  3. I just blocked norton and was able to connect again. Do you know why norton would all of a suddent start blocking bittorrent? And how do I set firewall to allow bittorrent on norton? Thanks
  4. No connection to bittorrent. Please help!! This has been going for several hours now. It just recently started to connect, but for only about 15 seconds, and even the ads/commercials won't play...
  5. Same here... It is not connecting to the internet...