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  1. I do not have any antivirus other than Windows Defender currently. I completely uninstalled McAfee which of course requires a re-boot. The "Snowden" clips came through with no problem, so the Windows Defender is not the culprit. I make no claims against antivirus hoaxes and wannabees. I just want to figure out why BitTorrent does not even connect with the SuSE Linux server (known safe) and others that are cleanly obtained .torrent files. I DID get trapped by one fake - ANONURE (or whatever) and that was a total system rebuild. My Windows 10 machine is newly re-installed with an HP USB stick load received less than a week ago. Thanks, Harold, for your continued suggestions. Ich wuensche ihnen eine schoene tag noch.
  2. A new torrent does not garner any peers, again. I tried the same way. My Network Connection is good. I waited 5 minutes and nothing but timeout. See screenshot 2.
  3. I already sent one - here it is again. Now it does. Seems like the newest Windows 10 examines ALL incoming connections and must scan them before allowing a port to open. I also noted that for 2 minutes it gave an error message in the lower left corner - then it went away. Download Snowden successfully. We'll see what it does with other torrents. Thanks Tom Urich Ann Arbor MI
  4. I already sent one - here it is again.
  5. Tracker Status: "Asking for more peers"
  6. Already checked. I'm using only Windows Defender. Manually made exception in the firewall. Turned OFF DHT (both) and still no peers.
  7. All of a sudden my BitTorrent cannot locate peers. I load a good torrent and the client just sits there looking and waiting to connect. It happens in Linux as well, so I assume it is an internet connection problem. How can I determine that my ISP may be throttling?