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  1. correction it may sound like I lost my data, I did not just what was in the bittorrrent program
  2. thank you it was easier than I thought just had to restart the seed, new issue, overclocking caused system crash rebooted in a new bios profile and lost all torrents in my folder. I was able to recover one torrent through bittorrent- torrents-add torrent-*folder name*. I don't know how to add multiple files to be loaded problem *unknown error* I tried adding my zipped game folder but I cant select the full folder only bits and pieces with errors. I thought I found a solution but it just started redownloading from my trackers and its really messing everything up should I create a new thread in the forum?
  3. hello everyone, I recently took apart my Seagate external drive to be used as an internal harddrive but now I get this issue with seeding. I'm having no other issues with the move. can I reassign the driver letter and resume seeding or do I have to re download or copy and replace my data to be seeded properly , any help will be greatly appreciated
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