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  1. Will someone message me with where I can get help building my client, please.
  2. I think I posted my question in the wrong forum, but I don't think that's why my question hasn't been approved yet, actually I'm not sure why it's not been approved, but I have another question. Does anyone know where I could get help with a question like this?
  3. For fun I thought I would try and write a BitTorrent client, I am writing it in Java. I have familiarized myself with the BitTorrent protocol and I have successfully, using a torrent file, gotten a list of peers from tracker(s), I have successfully completed a handshake, sent an interested message, receive the Unchoke message, downloaded pieces from a peer and validated the pieces with the hashed value in the torrent file. Although I have not downloaded a complete torrent I have downloaded complete files within the torrent, small text files. What I cannot do, so far, is get the metadata from another peer, ie use a magnetic link to download torrents. I have read and I believe I am seding the correct information to request the data. When I sniff the communication using Wireshark I see that after I send the request the client closes the connection, ie FIN,ACK or RST, ACK, I have seen both. I have sniffed to see what happens when uTorrent downloads the metadata and tried to mimic those calls but this does not work for me either. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, is there documentation somewhere that I can tell what all the messages sent mean? 00 00 00 03 14 03 00 I know this message is 3 bytes long, it is an extended message, type 20 but I don't know what the other 2 bytes mean. Also I see this as well 00 00 00 01 0f Don't know what this means either. I would appreciate any help.