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  1. Quite impossible it is.
  2. It happened with me like twice, uninstalled the app waited for sometime and did the install again. Have not faced a problem yet, Don't know why it happened though.
  3. I think i guessed it right
  4. Is it because of the firewall enabled? @Harold Feit
  5. Is there a limit attached to bittorrent download. I am not able to download more than 15 at a time.
  6. Ads are itself annoying, to top it up with sound more annoying.
  7. I think we have to wait until, some good samaritan arrives for assistance. Welcome.
  8. Hi all, i am totally new to bittorrent and specifically on android. Would like to know how do i get started with downloading on my android device?
  9. Here is a good tutorial for all of you having problems with adding bitorrent files to your samsung devices. Hope it helps. Check this out: How to download torrents on your android
  10. Do you mean a VPN? There are so many to choose from. You can just google it and find loads of service providers. But just to mention, you can look into expressvpn, Astrill vpn, Ivacy, HMA, Purevpn. Just remember not to go for the free apps. You can never be sure of their security and privacy level. Try getting a paid one which does not keeps logs and also provides simultaneous connections, along with kill switch if in case it leaks your IP. Hope it answers your question.
  11. Have you checked your internet, i might be wrong but could be a possibility.
  12. Can you guide me how to use Bittorrent on android, am completely Noob here.