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  1. avg and zone alarm, though it started working. After about 12 hours of not downloading the metadata it finally managed to do it. I didn't do anything that would seem to have triggered a change in that 12 hours.
  2. I'm having an issue with a single torrent, and this is the only torrent that's doing it, where it doesnt download the metadata and is stuck. I tried re loading the trackers, force starting it, and restarting bittorrent. There's over 100 seeds, and it says I'm connected to 3 of them, as well as many peers. 27 minutes no metadata.
  3. Well I dunno if as an admin you have the dev teams ear, but please relay my frustrations, perhaps an option to have priority downloads that start before the checks on already downloaded files, and it could check while downloading?
  4. often when I open bittorrent it will check several of the torrents before it starts downloading. If it decides it wants to check ones that are rather large this can take several minutes, how do I cancel file checks on already downloaded files?
  5. So when I try to delete, lets say 5 torrents at the same time. Bittorrent will one by one, open the delete progress bar window and delete a file, then close the window and open a new one, delete a file. Deleting large torrents with many files/folders takes several minutes. It never used to do this that I remember, but its been doing it for at least a few months. It's pretty annoying.
  6. I was cleaning up my processes in task manager and msconfig when I noticed I have two instances of a program called bittorrentie. If I were a virus maker, that's what I'd call my virus that I attached to a torrent, so I thought I should ask. Is bittorrentie.exe *32 a normal program, and is there supposed to be two of them running.