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  1. Yes, just checked it, it's on. I mean, definitely something's oddly wrong, I don't think it's a matter of turning on/off.
  2. Yes. I even checked it. I mean, if you could tell me how exactly it's done, I'll check again, but I don't think I turned anything off in the client itself.
  3. Hello, I'm from Russia, but I suppose I'll be able to describe the problem I have. A while ago I turned off the notifications (and the sound of them) of BitTorrent's finished downloads in the Settings menu of Windows 10 (you know, where you can edit the apps that show notifications, look at the screenshot) and now when I want to turn it on, the icon of BitTorrent is gone. I talked with Windows support, but they said something's wrong with my client. I updated it, but the problem still appears. What should I do?