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  1. Well, statistically speaking, that is less likely to be a coincidence - one person adding 6 torrents one day and finding 5 of them to have 0.999 or 0.998 availability. Moreover, a lot of other people are facing the same issue with different torrents.
  2. 0.999, 0.998 etc. Basically % downloaded / 100. The weird part is that it is happening to almost all the torrents I am adding.
  3. Hi there For the last couple of days (around 5 days) many of my torrents are stuck at 99.x%, which never happened before. I didn't bother when the first torrent got stuck, but now 5 of them are in similar state. All of them downloaded at 2/3MBps before they got stuck; now I see flickers of 0.1KBps with no real result. I looked at some forums; some suggested I do a Force Re-check and then start again, restart BitTorrent, none of them worked. Those last few MBs or KBs are important as the files are .rar and say they are corrupted when I try to extract them (cause the download isn't complete). Could someone help me out? Thanks