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  1. I've worked out the problem myself. The procedure I explained for re-installing a completed torrent is still good. My problem was that the completed file for the re-install was located in two different places. Both were in the correct hard drive but one was in the download file while the other was outside the download file. The one outside the file was defective and missing a major portion of the file. I had an error in my setup causing BitTorrent to load the defective file. It's all OK now.
  2. For the first time in years, I tried to put back into BitTorrent a file that I have removed. In the past all I did was open the torrent which went directly into BitTorrent. Then select Force-Recheck and the completed file would be reloaded. But now nothing I've tried works. The torrent and completed file have the same name and in the same folder. The folder used is currently working OK with other torrents. Has the procedure to reload changed?
  3. This is an old, old question and as far as I can see, is still unanswered here as far back as 2011. If one looks in the manual under pieces - every color listed is explained except orange. This color is showing frequently in my down loads. I've wondered if it might mean that someone was downloading the piece but then discontinued - leaving it incomplete and needing to be picked up by someone else.