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  1. I figured out that for this two torrents only the save directory was wrong (bad drive letter) and remains wrong even after the manual relocation = "save directory" you can see in the main interface and "path" for files I relocate inside the torrent were different. Upgrade fixes this but the save directory value still appears with the wrong letter in the main interface ...
  2. Well to let you know ... I updated to the latest version 7.10 43917 then Force Re-ckeck and restart this two torrents, it seems to re-work fine so far
  3. Hello, I'm running BitTorrent 7.9.1 build 30739 and recently I got this error message for two torrents "Error : Former volume not mounted" Associated files are located on an external hard drive ... like others for which everything works fine ... I first try to "Relocate" each files and it works but then after I stop / restart BitTorrent this error always re-appears and now I can't just fix it with a relocation I use "Force Re-check" (OK and I can see the files using "Open containing folder") but when I start the torrent I always get this same error message Can anyone help me on this ? Thx in advance