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  1. Hi, I developed a little tool that extract all archives in downloaded torrents (and copy non-archives). It also restarts torrent in faulty states. It's basically a console application that can either run visible (with console) or hidden, that you can schedule with Task scheduler or call it when torrent changes state. It's open source so feel free to help out. About the app and what it does: Download here: And use at own risk. Remember to edit the config.json file first. No one has beta tested yet but i'm running it every 10 mins and on torrent change state and it helps me alot.
  2. Looking at /gui?list and also gui/?action=getprops Still I am unable to discern the field for total elapsed time. I do see it in the regular UI. I can find out the actual current seeding ratio, but not the seeding time. The seeding_time from props is the goal, not the actual value. I can see when torrent was added and completed (unix epoch timestamps) in the ?list request. But this is uninteresting. Im building an automated tool to * customize seeding goals based on tracker regex matching * unpack and copy finished torrents * auto delete them when goals are reached