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  1. The condition you are explaining is actually a very potential attack called sybil attack which is not only a problem with BitTorrent but also with Tor and Bitcoin. A malicious node can easily setup thousands of nodes of himself. So whenever a client asks for peers, the attacker will give him false IP Addresses which are actually the IP Addresses controlled by the attacker. Thus putting that client into Denial of Service. The attacker returns false IP Addresses to every client who comes to fetch list of peers from him. This technique is actually being used by copyright holders who want to slow down the propagation of their copyright data. The efficiency of attack depends upon the number of malicious nodes an attacker signs up. The attacker can also sign up peers so that he can distribute incorrect data and if he happens to be both DHT node and a peer, he can give you torrent metadata of his malicious data and may start distributing it. It is just that in the end you will realize that hash of torrent doesn't match with the infohash.
  2. Let's just say I bootstrap into the keyspace and I start discovering nodes that are close to me. Can I fetch metadata of various torrents other DHT nodes may have in their DHT storage without having knowledge of Infohash. Is it possible to issue a request to all the DHT nodes in my routing table to give away all the metadata they are responsible for holding. By metadata I mean, every DHT node is responsible for holding Infohash closest to them, displayname(with some other info) and the list of peers downloading that torrent. If it can be made possible then it would become possible to build a torrent site overnight from scratch by crawling the dht nodes even if every other torrent site along with their backups and tracker server were shut down by an adversary. The request would be like give me whatever you are storing "because I want to index it and I don't have infohash".