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  1. And it just happened again. Right beneath the name of the torrent, to the right of the pause button. Nothing more than "error." Then the download quickly dies to 0... Thanks for responding, I hope we can resolve this. It's weird and seemingly random in timing. Any idea if the torrent that get this message are truly dead or damaged? Each time it happens I delete the torrent and get a new/different one, and a few times the exact same torrent would download fine at a different time of day...
  2. It literally just says "error" in red letters, next to the pause/download button.
  3. Hi, I have used BitTorrent for several years and recently downloaded the new version when I upgraded to Catalina on my MacBook Air. I Like the new version and have successfully downloaded a handful of torrents. But at specific times I get a red "error" message next to the torrent, for both new and existing torrents. For example, yesterday I started 4 torrents, got to around 50-75%, paused, and then restarted them this morning. Every one gave me the error message and the torrents seem to be completely dead. It seems to happen at random times but when it does, every torrent in the queue is affected. Any ideas? Your help is appreciated. Thanks, trompetista