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  1. Dear Developers, Great concept of adding BTT earn option, but I guess your apps require a lot to improve to gain trust of the users...why? Because: 1) It does not allow to select custom installation location...this disallows both space utilization and/or makes program suspicious in the eyes of the user. 2) Further, it does not performs a clean uninstall...leaves residues of files and folders at c:\users\appdata\.... etc. plus when I uninstalled bittorrent-classic never gave me the confirmation that program was uninstalled??? 3) If possible (by disallowing some features) allow installation from standard account rather than "admin" account. 4) Clearly mention the Antivirus is an optional install...rather than taking advantage (looks like) of the users who blindly click on "next->next" buttons during installation. 5) Remove all files as well as registry entries, if user performs uninstall...and app should state which files/folder/entries uninstaller could not remove. Trust is must for users....just because BTT is incorporated ...the users will be lured to use the not a good idea on the long run....blah blah. Give more options to the users for both the types of apps ...or best all features in 1 app ...ultimately users decide the overall success of the app. Thanks & Regards.