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  1. Yes, agreed the graph colors suck, they need to at least be configurable. Anyone else wondering why they can't see seeds/peers/ratio or availability etc, just press the icon for layout on the right and it will change form horizontal to vertical(took me a while to figure it out ;-)
  2. I am on 7.6 and I have a prompt telling me that a 'new stable version' is availible do I want DL and install? etc but when I look at changelog it directs me to this page which is 7.2.1 and I noticed recently some odd behaviour regarding remote access, saying could not connect when I wasn't trying to connect (like it was, or had been hacked) So .. is it safe to click install? where can I get the MD5 for this package? and how can I scan it before install? Thanx fer a great pp BTW Brgds/Dan