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  1. Hello, I had this question as I saw a comment somewhere saying that if you are uploading at least 25kb/s, the tracker gives you download priority. Is this true? I've always seed for the fact of sharing, but does it give any benefit? Thanks for your time.
  2. Ok so I'm new to this, only got Bit Torrent yesterday and it took literally ALL day to download a movie. Now it's been saying that it's seeding which I have no problem with, but I tried to play the movie and while it's playing I'm not hearing any audio. I checked volume control for my pc and for the Bit Torrent itself and both are on full volume. Is this because it's seeding or there's a problem with the audio? I tried setting it to use Windows Media player as default but I can't find the file to play anywhere. Also, when it's done seeding and I remove the file from Bit Torrent, where do I find the file for playback??? Thanks for any help!
  3. I have two issues: 1. When files are done downloading they are automatically removed from BT so I have to go to the download folder to see what all has finished. They did not always do this, but I can't seem to get them to stay. 2. When files finish, even when the torrent is still going, I can not open them by double clicking like I did in Windows. I have to right click and choose "Show in Finder," then go to that folder, then click on the file every time I want to listen to a song or something. It is super annoying. BONUS: Does anyone know if the torrents are automatically deleted when the file is automatically removed, or do they go to a mysterious location? My seeding ratio is crazy but I can't find any of the original torrent files. I know seeding is the only way torrents work but if they are hiding them so I have to seed this seems kind of bossy I don't necessarily want to have certain files left to be happened upon later on my computer, like americandadxxxpornparody.torrent, if you know what I mean, LOL! They pretty much nailed the humour. GET IT? Inappropriate puns aside, any help would be appreciated.
  4. I'm trying to return the favor to the community by seeding what I've downloaded. However, when I go to seed a completed download it starts ok. But then theres a red exclamation point in front of the name and the status says, "Error: Invalid download state, try resuming." Resuming doesn't do anything. Or it says,"Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck." The file shows nothing missing. How can I fix these, and how can I prevent this from happening? Please explain clearly as I'm not as adept as some of you. Thanks much.
  5. I have BitTorrent 7.8, build 29626 [32 bit] I have been using BitTorrent for some time now. Everything worked really well until today. I am not very computer literate so I ask you to please be patient with me. I restarted my computer this morning to refresh everything and when I went to BitTorrent it shows 0 completed files. I have many in my folder but they are not in the program. I would like to share what I have downloaded but need your help. I went to my settings and re-established the file connection to my C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bitorrent completed downloads (It was already there but I thought doing it again might help?) Nothing happened. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I am seeding 3 orginal torrents and they are barely uploading. Here are the 3 file sizes and what I have upload so far. It has taken me over 2 weeks to upload this much. file size / uploaded 125 MB / 1.18 GB 103 MB / 552 MB 114 MB / 936 MB I have a 2 MB upload speed. Speed test said so as so does Bitorrent when I run the test to configure speed. Every torrent has a bunch of peers just sitting there. So there are a bunch of people that want the file, but my bittorrent software will sit there all day and won't upload anything sometimes. 1 of those files always has over 20 or 30 leechers but none of them have 100% of the file. So file availability is always at 1.985 because all anyone has is 98.5% So why do I have all of these peers wanting my file and my bit torrent barely uploads. While watching the peer tab, every once in a while one person might show up that I upload at like 1kb/s for 1 sec. The que says 5bytes and then it will sit idle for hours. Any help please. -crow
  7. I'm new to using bit torrent and was wondering when I am seeding usually in the status bar where it says seeding its green ... but 1 or two have turned red. What does this mean and is this somthing I should be concerned about? Would apreciate some help on this. Thanks
  8. I have partially downloaded torrents. Partially downloaded because I need only some files of it. Problems start when I relocate files. After relocating BitTorent rechecks files, figures out that torrents are not finished and starts further downloading. Therefore I can not seed such torrents without downloading all files. For this reason I stop seeding and remove these torrents from BitTorrent. Is there some other solution of this problem?
  9. I'm failrly new to using BitTorrent (4 months) but with the help of reading many pages and watching video's I was able to set up my BTC and recently I have had problems with the last two torrents I have created not uploading fully. I have been seeding a file that is 1.3GBs for over 48 hours and it is still not fully uploaded. I'm not sure what the problem is as when I have made torrents in the past they have been simple to upload and share. Now I have many leechers (and from reading I know this isnt good) and I'm the only seeder showing on my uploaded torrent. I have googled and read many threads from many forums but still can not get a direct solution on how to solve this. Is there anyone that can possiably help me? I'm willing to send screen shots to solve this. Also when I first started downloading torrents and uploading I really did not have them organized and I would like to do this but i know if I move them it would not be good. I would like some direction in moving my torrents into 3 organized files. Thank You and Your Help is Much Appreciated. I'm sending a screen shot of what I see in my BitTorrent availability.
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