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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I believe the Android app is draining a lot of battery when my tablet is asleep, possibly because the wifi is constantly running, and possibly because it uses a lot of CPU. Normally my tablet lasts a few weeks when sleeping, and after installing the btsync app (auto-syncing a 300 MB folder), it drains in approximately two overnights. This does not show up in the app's battery usage, rather when I click the charge vs time graph I can see that (for example) overnight, there is a steady decrease and that the wifi is on during this time. I have also noticed that it is using ~500 MB of RAM and 30% of my CPU often, even when there are "0 devices online". I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (original version) and the latest android app. My request would be to have more options for wifi management, or ways to tell it to stop thinking so hard about nothing. Cheers, Jack
  2. I have installed the app for my iphone and set it to sync my photos to my PC. When I started syncing my photos, it used the default name of the iphone device as a file prefix. In my case, my iphone was set as "Alex's iPhone" so each image file has the prefix "Alex's_..." Apparently it limits the device name to 7 characters. I didn't like that so I changed the device name in the iphone app to "iPhone." However, that did not change the file prefix of the synced photos to my PC. It is still using the old name as the prefix. How do I change this? Thanks.