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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings, all BitTorrent fanatics and gurus. I'm having trouble downloading a torrent, and I don't understand why. The torrent appears to have multiple seeds, yet the availability, and hence the download, is stuck at 0.971. The torrent in question is "Safe.House.S01.1080p.BluRay.x264-KEEPERS[rartv]" (the one shown on top in the screenshot). As can be seen in this torrent's Trackers tab, its Peer Exchange row lists 5 seeds and 117 peers, and its Distributed Hash Table (DHT) row lists 4 seeds and 58 peers. Thus, I'm surprised and baffled that the torrent's availability remains (and has always been) only 0.971. How can this be? The BitTorrent User Manual's glossary defines a seed as "A peer with 100% of the data in the torrent contents." 100%—Doesn't this mean that even a single seed would provide a torrent access to everything it needs to reach full (1.000) availability? Perhaps I'm missing something? Please, BitTorrenters who know more than I, help me understand, or even better, let me know if there's something I can do to get the final bit (pun intended!) of this torrent downloaded. Thank you!
  2. Part of the Availability bar for one of my Torrents is red. The rest of it is green. I have deleted all trackers and DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange is all that's left.
  3. I created two torrents today, each a PDF with a text document. I seeded both successfully to The Pirate Bay and to multiple peers. After this, both randomly lost the ability to locate the text documents, which are both still in their original directories. Additionally, both had seeded to multiple others and had connected peers. Instantly, both had 0 seeds and 0 peers for some reason. (I wasn't even a seed for my own torrent anymore.) I have tried using relocate, update, etc, but cannot find a way to make Bittorrent figure out that the files are still there. restart, exiting and re-opening bittorrent, re-check, update, etc do not work. Any suggestions? I am seeding multiple other torrents that I did not create with no problems.
  4. I have this idea from some time to now. Imagine if was possible to provide some kind of equality balance among torrents? Some kind of system wich control the torrent availability and balance this need acording with the need of diferent torrents. Something about ensure at least One perpetual source of every single file (maybe not all) and distribute the balance. In case of movies, for example. If this system ensure the existence of every single existent movie in the history would be a great deal. I think in some kind of voting system maybe. I know that the torrenting demand kind of do it by itself with a natural balance with the most requested files having more seeds, but maybe this new feature would be useful for some rare files. I have plenty of space on my HD that I don't bother of sharing with the community. I would be happy in setting some kind of amount of my HD in order to improve the availability of torrents. In other words, these set up amount of space would be used to store rare files or rare pieces of files. I think the idea is let the torrent average availability (seeds) of any torrent above 1.0. I don't know if such system already exists, if it does I would be great to know about it and start using it.
  5. Bittorrent has no availability after .319, so no downloading after 31.9%. My internet is working, and when I press stop and then start again it downloads at .4 Kb/s, then .3, .2, .1 and 0 Kb/s, but no change in availability. What is happening? Thanks, L