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Found 42 results

  1. Hello, good afternoon. I have been using bittorrent for some time now but just recently i realised that the downloads are not working AT ALL on my android. At first i thought it had something to do with my internet being slow but when i got my internet fixed it continued to not work. All it says when i try to download anything is "Calculating - 0B" can someone please help me out?
  2. I have upgraded my bittorrent as being sugested and hopped to be better, faster.,. However, since i downloaded and run a new version i can not download anything! :o each tim ei try to download torrent a following massage apears: ::The application you chose ("") could not be found. Check the file name or choose another application.:: Anyone has an idea what it mighjt be and how to solwe the problem?? Thx!
  3. I have Bittorrent 7.4.2, and Mac OS X. So dl speed gets throttled to 10kb/sec by bittorrent client itself. Only restarting the app (manually closing and reopening it restores the speed). Settings are fine & other options, so don't make stupid assumptions pls. Also, before you ignorantly say it's because of my ISP, I can say right off that you're going to be wrong. It's not. I tested other torrent-clients, such as utorrent and qbittorrent - and everything works fine there. The only reason I want this to work in bittorrent is because bittorrent unlike the aforementioned torrent-clients supports the "peer to peer ONLY via proxy", which is crucial to me. Utorrent has pretty much the same interface, but it ignores the proxy settings despite the checked option "use proxy for peer to peer connections", and keeps using my direct IP. So what's wrong? Bittorrent used to work fine just a few days ago. Also, once the speed is throttled, even if I turn off proxy at settings and try to download through my direct IP, dl speed is still throttled. I mean, bittorrent applies settings without the need to be restarted, right?
  4. So i just installed bittorrent, (I have used it before on this computer and this connection) and was going to download a tv show. it starts downloading, and it won't raise above 10 kB/s. my internet connection is Very good, so that shouldn't be a problem, I'm not running a proxy, the firewall isn't blocking it, my ip isn't blocking the connection, (checked with glasnost) and bittorrent says the connection is working as it should. I have tried multiple different torrents, all with over 3000 seeds, and the same thing happens for all of them. What can i do to fix it? Speedtest link:
  5. hi, i am using bittorrent since 2 years by now. but i have noticed that although bittorrent is connected to those peers and seeders that have an "s" in their flags like DS, Ds ihxep, dsp etc as shown in the peers tab in bittorrent , but it does not download from them a thing. what is meaning of the flags shown against such peers , and how to download from them , as sometime they are the only peer or seeder available can anyone help?
  6. Hi there, Lately, while BitTorrent is running in the background (downloading), the audio of my videos is full with artifacts--the sound has static-like disturbances. I've tried different video players like VLC, MPC and Windows Media Player. All three have exhibited similar problems in audio, and VLC and MPC have shown occasional video "stuttering" as well. This problem stops completely if BitTorrent is stopped end exited. My machine is relatively old but no audio problems whatsoever if BitTorrent is not running and I overload with other heavy-duty software or play HD 1080 movies. Specs: PC: Pentium 4 CPU 3.2GHz L2 Cache: 2,048 KB Memory: 3GB. (shows 50-70% usage when BitTorrent+Chrome+video are running together) Motherboard: MSI, MS-7176 (with built-in soundcard) Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series. Mode: 1920x1080, 32bit color depth. Sys: Win7 Ultimate 32 bit (v.6.1.7601) sp1. Frshly installed on February 2014 K-Lite codecs Full was installed today, April 19. 2014--but no change. BitTorrent: v.7.8.2 (Build 30489) 32 bit. Thank you!
  7. I would like to see an option where the purchase of BitTorrent Plus means that you continue to get support. I have searched the forums for my errors and all I've come across are messages saying "Pro is not supported in the Forums." When I goto it takes me to a useless web site. Here are my errors: player.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c) bitdefender.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c) transcode.btinstall failed to install (0x800b010c) I'm running 64bit Windows 8 and I've ran the install as Administrator. I assume from the errors that I am actually not receiving any of the pro features that I paid for. I tried both the bundle and the free download/add the license methods. It would be nice to see some support of the product as a feature. I paid good money for it. Cheers, Gordon
  8. Every single time I update BitTorrent, it installs "Conduit Search Protect" (called "Search Protect" when uninstalling). I don't want to have to uninstall it with every update. How do I stop BT from installing it? Thanks.
  9. So I installed Utorrent a few weeks ago. Yesterday I saw that bittorrent was at the top of my programs list when i went to uninstall utorrent. So i uninstalled utorrent and went to do bittorrent too, but it said i have insufficient permissions to do so. So i figured i would install bittorent since it was probably just a corrupted file that came with utorrent. I installed it and uninstalled it and all was good. Today i turn my computer on to find its still in my programs list even though it wasnt last night when i turned off my computer. Windows Security Essentials says theres nothing wrong, and i cant find any mention of bittorrent in my c or e drives, they are my only drives. I believe its either a virus or trojan of some sort, or you guys need to fix it. P.S. when it says bittorrent is installed even though it isnt, theres no purple icon next to it like it should be, and my internet connection is extremely slow.
  10. I bougt Bittorrent in 02/2013. I recently bought a new computer and i want to reinstall BittorrentPlus. How do i do this?
  11. I was prompted the other day to update my current version of BitTorrent 7.8 with the latest version and all its fixes. I click OK...then a couple of minutes later I get a message back telling me that there was a problem downloading the language file and to try again later. I keep trying again and I've tried several times over the past 3 days but just keep getting the same message which aborts the download. I've searched online but I haven't found a solution...yet. 1. Does anyone have a solution or workaround for this problem? 2. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?
  12. Hello the problem is when someone in my network has bittorent running(it doesnt even need to down or upload) it disconnects me from a couple of games. mainly in the game world of tanks. teamspeak etc keep going just the game. what to do?
  13. Hey, I've been successfully using BitTorrent for almost a year without a single mishap however since I've switched to Avast Antivirus I have been getting a BSOD between 2-10 minutes after I begin a download on either BitTorrent itself or uTorrent. I was simply wondering whether it's possible for these two programs to conflict in a way to cause this Blue screen. Hopefully I'll get a response soon
  14. I just had that damn checked 0.0% problem again and i was updating things and running scans to fix things to see if they might help. I've tried all of the accepted methods to fix the problem, like ending the bittorrent process, restarting the computer, forced recheck (actually grayed out), and other basic stuff. So i also decided to clean my computer with my well-trusted Advanced Systemcare by Iobit. I was unaware that the internet problems section or privacy issues or some other option would have wiped out my torrent information as that has never happened in the past. So, I had a torrent that was 22.8 GB at 99.5% when this happened along with several other large torrents, so you can understand that I do not want to restart the entire torrent download, because that would take up a lot of time and bandwidth. Is there any way I can get my magnet/torrent information back to the way it was previously so that I do not have to restart all of my downloads? Thanks for any help offered.
  15. Why incomplete torrent data files take full space ?.... I mean ..... if it finishes 5MB of 700MB(for example) .......... shouldn't it take only 5MB or a little bit more for other information ..... but why it takes the whole 700MB?
  16. Download the new version here Release highlights for version 7.7.2 / 7.7.3 include: - Fixed peer ID bug causing disconnects - Windows-8 compatible - New offer platform displays in-client offers from BitTorrent and software partners - Fixed crashes in "add torrent" dialog and numerous other crash fixes - Numerous bug fixes - Small improvements to magnet link handling - OK/Cancel moved to bottom right of add torrent dialog - Twitter/Facebook icons - click to like and/or dismiss Add torrent dialog changes: - Add Torrent dialog displays magnet link data - Layout changed to display more files at once - Fixed discrepancy between single and multi-file torrent save directories
  17. I'm failrly new to using BitTorrent (4 months) but with the help of reading many pages and watching video's I was able to set up my BTC and recently I have had problems with the last two torrents I have created not uploading fully. I have been seeding a file that is 1.3GBs for over 48 hours and it is still not fully uploaded. I'm not sure what the problem is as when I have made torrents in the past they have been simple to upload and share. Now I have many leechers (and from reading I know this isnt good) and I'm the only seeder showing on my uploaded torrent. I have googled and read many threads from many forums but still can not get a direct solution on how to solve this. Is there anyone that can possiably help me? I'm willing to send screen shots to solve this. Also when I first started downloading torrents and uploading I really did not have them organized and I would like to do this but i know if I move them it would not be good. I would like some direction in moving my torrents into 3 organized files. Thank You and Your Help is Much Appreciated. I'm sending a screen shot of what I see in my BitTorrent availability.