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Found 47 results

  1. Hi, I was downloading a file and was just hoping to get one file from it. The original torrent was about 350 gb when I got it. I deselected all of them but one, and started downloading. Once it finished, i got the one file and everything was good. The only problem was that I was down about 350 gb on my Hard drive. Ive tried a google search and nobody seems to know how to delete these files and how to get rid of them. I was at 1.05 TB and now I am at about 724 gb left on my hard drive. Please help
  2. For the last 3 days, a file I am downloading has remained unchanged at 33.2%, 63 kb, and an ETA of 6 hours and 21 minutes. Obviously, the download isn't actually occurring or else it would be complete by now. Other downloads have been completed normally. So the issue is with this file. It includes a video in several formats. The percentage is nearly the same for each. But they are not changing despite the fairly high speed indicated. Do I have any options other than giving up and trashing this file? --- Joe ---
  3. Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to acquire the upload\download speed data of my torrents. I know when using BitTorrent, on the bottom of the torrents section we are able to click on speeds and a graph will be displayed with all the information about upload\download. However I wanted to know how to acquire this information into excel or a CSV file? Please any help would be appreciated.
  4. Ladies and Gents, Any help would be much appreciated. Yes, I'm a newb to the forums, but I've used BT for years without issues. I recently received a new laptop from my employer (don't worry, they don't care what I do with it), and I recently got internet to my home from CenturyLink. CL supplied me a wifi router/modem, which I've dicked with for hours. I opened and tested a million ports, but can't seem to establish any sort of connection to any torrents. I'm currently riding an open port (49123). BT has been assigned that port. I've tested the port several different ways. To no avail. I have 5 diff torrent files of different types queued up, with no less than 50 seeders each. Not a single one will connect or download anything at all. Any suggestions? Many thanks for any help! *Edit - BTW all firewalls/antivirus progs have been killed.
  5. Hi, Im unable to locate & find a new torrent file I downloaded. I'm trying to use BitTorrent to see if its downloaded but i can't not see the file. I clicked on install and all went smooth but when I go in BitTorrent I can not find the download? (Im a new user). Thanks in advance!
  6. When i try to download a torrent all of the trackers are up and running but it says avalibility 0.000 and its stuck on finding peers. I click start and force start but it still doesn't download. Please help!! :
  7. So I'm not that great with computers but I had been using utorrent for a while and it worked fine. One day I just couldn't download ANYTHING anymore. The download would just never start and the arrow would turn red. I got BitTorrent in the hopes that it would work and now it's doing the same thing. They both just say remaining download time is infinity and never start downloading. Is there anything I can do? Could it be Comcast? I don't have any firewalls or anything. I can't think of anything else. Thank you.
  8. Okay, so I recently changed my ISP and I got a new internet connect. The speed is 75 Mbps. My previous ISP the speed was 11Mbps. I was able to utilize that speed to the fullest, always got no less than 800 Kbps download sped. Now with this ISP. I'm yet to see my speed go past 300Kbps. But if I go to say ubuntu and download their 700MB file, it takes like 4 minutes. But all my torrents are horridly slow. I was just wondering why that was. Hoping someone out there can help me.
  9. Hi! I'm new at the forum so maybe this topic has been up before: I can't get a download started. Instantly I get a red arrow pointing down on the left side of the file name. I working on a Macbooc Pro on snow leopard os x. Please help:)
  10. Most of my downlands are marked "non valid" ("téléchargements invalides" in french). They can't used by other... So it's a problem for the ratio. Why the downloads are non valids ? Thank you...
  11. Hello. I have just downloaded bittorrent on my new computer and for the first time in years i am having problems. Whenever i go download a torrent: I press download torrent and my com automaticly opens bittorrent but here it gives me the usual add new torrent option, but it's empty there is no file to save and start downloading, so when i press okay, nothing happens. hope someone can help me.
  12. So the other day i went to clean out my torrents from my downloader so that i wouldn't have scroll through it any more so i selected all and hit delete, now when i download a torrent file from a website and click to open it absolutely nothing shows up, no prompt, no torrent in the downloader. any ideas?
  13. My download speed suddenly slow'd down from 360kb/s to 5kb/s-10kb/s. I don't know why. >I checked the seeds of that torrent and I saw that the seeds are pretty high & less leechers My speedtest result:
  14. My download speed is not increasing... Here are the images... Speed Test: File: Info: Can you tell me what's the problem? Please help me...
  15. Hello! I'm currently using bittorrent to download the complete Doctor Who as a single torrent, which is almost 60 GB. I don't have that much space left on my laptop, so i was wondering if it is possible to "move" the finished episodes to an external hard drive while leaving the rest of the episodes to continue downloading? I've been using bittorrent for years now, and i always seed for a while then move the files to an external hard drive to save space on my laptop, but i've never tried moving files while the rest of the torrent is still downloading. I can't keep the hard drive connected to the laptop the whole time i'm using bittorrent because i often use the hard drive elsewhere. Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you
  16. Hello, I am a fairly experienced Bittorrent user. Over the past 3 months I have downloaded a fair amount of files (around 1TB). Prior to now I have had here and there speed problems but nothing like this. My provider (ATT Uverse) plan that I have nets me 18MB/s download and is capped at about 1.5MB/s upload due to their outdated wiring. With this I can download between 1.7 and 2.0 Mbs/second per the bittorrent client. I have noted over the past 2 months or so that I cannot break through 1.2MB/s on bittorrent. I queued up the top 5 most seeded files, the single top file etc in all various ways to hit something near 1.8 to no avail. It is as if there is an invisible cap at 1.2 and I just cannot figure out how to break through. My returns my known 18 mb down and 1.5 mb up with a ping usually in the 30s. This is the norm. Nothing else I do is affected. I test with everything set to unlimited, then uTP limited, then upload limited to half, then to only 10 or 15Kbs/s and nothing changes. I notice if i upload at max my DL can't maintain its top so I tend to throttle that back. I currently have firewall exception and random port set. The only hick-up I ever see is when i do CNTR + G that my port is not forwarded (random forwarding remember). This is all I can find. Any help for me out there? Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I will say that I JUST uninstalled and reinstalled the client and my speed was up to 1.6MB/s for a bit which made me ecstatic. I had stepped away from my PC (and house) for an hour and came back to see it, then as I moved my mouse (did not web interaction mind you) it dropped down to 1.0 and then blipped up to 1.2 again..
  17. hello, Is there a known problem Bittorrent 7.7.3. I have had a number of downloads of mp3 files where each file stops playing in itunes / ipod after EXACTLY 3 mins and 42 secs. it is not all downloads but it is all files within a download and it happens about half the time.
  18. Hi All, I'm getting ridiculously low download speeds, under 10 kB/s and mostly under 1 kB/s! For some reason when I first start the torrent it is downloading really fast, then within 10 minutes or less it drops to this minuscule speed. I went through all the steps of setting up a static IP address, and creating specific port exceptions in Windows Firewall (which is the only firewall I use) as well as creating an open port setting on my router. I've also deleted the settings.dat & settings.dat.old files several times and restarted the torrent. Again, every time I do restart it it starts out downloading really fast (600 kB/s to 1.2 Mb/s) and then shortly slows down to >1 kB/s, according to the speed indicator within the program. It shows connected to between 50-100 of (450+) peers each time, and 0 of (58) seeds, which may be the problem, but if so, why would it start out downloading really fast and then drop to almost nothing? Sometimes it shows port open when I do the reset (deleting the settings files) and sometimes it shows port is closed, even though I created those port exceptions. I really don't know what else to do. Help? Thanks, Nadine
  19. PFA for real scene...please someone guide me how can I resume my download which is 45% completed of 11 GB big data. thnx in Advance
  20. i have been using bit torrent for quite some time and lately have run into issues with download speed. for some reason it wont go over 1.5-1.7 MB per second. i know its not my internet or my hardware. are there settings i need to change? here are my speed results. http://www.speedtest...sult/2906856226 any help would be appreciated. also i am aware of the seeder to leech ratio and all that. one of the things i was downloading had about 3600 seeders and about 500 leeches. for some reason the link isnt working here is the image
  21. Hi, In need of help, have been using bittorrent for several years with no problems whatsoever, But all of a sudden i start a download and im getting download speeds of 8 to less than 1kbps. My internet connection is around 2mbps and bittorrent is configured properly. I have run test (ctrl-G) and it comes out positive, with 2mbps+ dl speed. There also seems to be random spikes where the dl speed goes upto around 80kbps for a few mins then drops back to 8-1kbps (my upload speed is similarly affected by these random speed spikes, but NOT at the same time as dl speed) Here is my result: Yet my client looks like this: Thanks, and hopefully i can find the way to fix this.
  22. I've been using Bittorrent for several years and the only thing I haven't figured out is "Flushing to disk". Just exactly what does this mean?