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  1. hello, Is there a known problem Bittorrent 7.7.3. I have had a number of downloads of mp3 files where each file stops playing in itunes / ipod after EXACTLY 3 mins and 42 secs. it is not all downloads but it is all files within a download and it happens about half the time.
  2. Hi All, I'm getting ridiculously low download speeds, under 10 kB/s and mostly under 1 kB/s! For some reason when I first start the torrent it is downloading really fast, then within 10 minutes or less it drops to this minuscule speed. I went through all the steps of setting up a static IP address, and creating specific port exceptions in Windows Firewall (which is the only firewall I use) as well as creating an open port setting on my router. I've also deleted the settings.dat & settings.dat.old files several times and restarted the torrent. Again, every time I do restart it it starts out downloading really fast (600 kB/s to 1.2 Mb/s) and then shortly slows down to >1 kB/s, according to the speed indicator within the program. It shows connected to between 50-100 of (450+) peers each time, and 0 of (58) seeds, which may be the problem, but if so, why would it start out downloading really fast and then drop to almost nothing? Sometimes it shows port open when I do the reset (deleting the settings files) and sometimes it shows port is closed, even though I created those port exceptions. I really don't know what else to do. Help? Thanks, Nadine
  3. PFA for real scene...please someone guide me how can I resume my download which is 45% completed of 11 GB big data. thnx in Advance
  4. i have been using bit torrent for quite some time and lately have run into issues with download speed. for some reason it wont go over 1.5-1.7 MB per second. i know its not my internet or my hardware. are there settings i need to change? here are my speed results. http://www.speedtest...sult/2906856226 any help would be appreciated. also i am aware of the seeder to leech ratio and all that. one of the things i was downloading had about 3600 seeders and about 500 leeches. for some reason the link isnt working here is the image
  5. Hi, In need of help, have been using bittorrent for several years with no problems whatsoever, But all of a sudden i start a download and im getting download speeds of 8 to less than 1kbps. My internet connection is around 2mbps and bittorrent is configured properly. I have run test (ctrl-G) and it comes out positive, with 2mbps+ dl speed. There also seems to be random spikes where the dl speed goes upto around 80kbps for a few mins then drops back to 8-1kbps (my upload speed is similarly affected by these random speed spikes, but NOT at the same time as dl speed) Here is my speedtest.net result: Yet my client looks like this: Thanks, and hopefully i can find the way to fix this.
  6. I've been using Bittorrent for several years and the only thing I haven't figured out is "Flushing to disk". Just exactly what does this mean?
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