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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, coming from utorrent 2.2.1 and trying now BitTorrent 6.4 to eventually switch. In utorrent, when clicking on a torrent (not magnet) link, a window would display and show internal files (as chosen in preferences settings). I set up the same preferences in BitTorrent but the files won't show and will toggle straight to the main downloading window. From what I understand here and here, one needs to display the toolbar (which I do) and to click the 'toggle view' button. The latter doesn't show on my end. Has it disappeared since a prior version or am I just blind? If not blind, how can I get this display-inner-files option work its way? Any help welcome and appreciated.
  2. Hello, Probably a stupid question but how can I see which files are being uploaded? (v 3.3.7 in Win) Thank you!
  3. Hi the other day; I started too work on a standalone tracker API... This is running on http://tracker.labs.coop and you can download the sourceforge.net code from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/chronolabsapis/files/labs.coop/tracker/ The tracker mounts on the fly the torrent; but I want to treat this state as a magnetic link typal and dial the torrent meta information in PHP via socket calls and using the benc libraries to interface. I can find very little online for the data I need what are the socket calls for the magnetic link type senerio; what I am going to do is download when a torrent mounts itself with a cron job the meta information for the torrent, such as files and trackers loaded into it. The Tracker API has a peering system; so it internally shares peers so the API will with the meta information get peers off other trackers as well for the torrent by placing socket calls or cURL them and decoding the benc dictionary. I wrote a version of TBDev for XOOPS you can get that of the standard chronolabs sourceforge project; it is with smarty templates and has a few extra features but i want to make this tracker a standalone... If one of the developers from bit torrent could get on contact with me on skype: antony.cipher I would love a code snippet for the magnetic link meta digest... This is an open source project!!
  4. I am looking for a way to move certain files to specific HD or folder, by their labels, in Bittorrent. Example: files with label Music to HD X:\Music Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to ask you guys what do you think about BitTorrent having a feature where it could download regular files? Personally I would love BitTorrent to have that ability because I find it more logicaly to have a client that downloads files rather than the browser.
  6. i want to know if i can make the ui in files tab easier and more organised for torrents compacted together http://imgur.com/a/boOEA the first image is how i want it to look and the second is how it looks right now i think this was already an option but dont know if they took it out
  7. I created two torrents today, each a PDF with a text document. I seeded both successfully to The Pirate Bay and to multiple peers. After this, both randomly lost the ability to locate the text documents, which are both still in their original directories. Additionally, both had seeded to multiple others and had connected peers. Instantly, both had 0 seeds and 0 peers for some reason. (I wasn't even a seed for my own torrent anymore.) I have tried using relocate, update, etc, but cannot find a way to make Bittorrent figure out that the files are still there. restart, exiting and re-opening bittorrent, re-check, update, etc do not work. Any suggestions? I am seeding multiple other torrents that I did not create with no problems.
  8. Hello! My terminological english is not even satisfactory but I will try and explain my problem. I've been downloading torrents (through magnet) for 2 or 3 years now and all the files that I planned to download were listed in BitTorrent, I had 300+ not downloaded and 150+ downloaded torrents. And today when I turned on my computer, BitTorrent started like it always does, but it was empty- there wasn't even 1 torrent left. I hope you can help!!!
  9. Hi there, I'm having an issue with my completed downloads. It used to be that all files contained within the original folder (let's say a music album) would download as one unit and be saved in the original folder (so the songs within the album). For example - I downloaded an album by a certain artist, and it has 13 mp3s in the folder. The download finishes, I remove from the BitTorrent list, and I go looking for it in my Music folder, but instead of saving as one folder - it has saved all the songs separately as a bunch of mp3s that are now scattered within my music folder. I have had BitTorrent for years and it didn't used to act this way. I would download an album, and it would save as one album. Easy peasy. What can I do to fix this issue? It's frustrating trying to search for artists within a music folder that has thousands of songs. I prefer to save my music by the album, or at the least - artist name. Thanks.
  10. Greetings BTSync forum: I've been using BTSync for months now. It has worked flawlessly for me with directories containing huge amounts of data (several gig). I keep a laptop at home running BTSync, Teamviewer, Bittorrent, etc etc. I use another laptop on the road (at work) and sync files back and forth without any problem. However, I have ran across a situation that I believe may be a bug. A previous poster from this thread: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/17448-btsync-no-start-syncing/ indicated they were having problems with "special characters" hanging the BTSync process. I am having trouble with BTSync hanging after I open a Word or Excel file. After the file (any file) is opened, a temporary file with ~$ added to the beginning of the filename is created as part of Microsoft Office's "AutoRecover" process. The file "~$filename.docx" will be created and synced, but when I close the file and the "~$filename.docx" is removed, the sync process hangs in BTSync. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  11. Hey guys, i have this newbie problem, i moved 20 gb of incomplete downloaded files and start bittorrent and does not recognize the files (beacause didnt found any file), then i copied again to the original folder and also bit torrent does not recognize the 20gb of downloaded files. So Did i lost my 20 gb of downloaded files? there was only 1 gb to finish. Sorry for my orthography but english is not my native languaje Isaacsv
  12. Hello Everyone, First of all I must say btsync is very good syncing tool. I have one question: I have 2 servers which are synced using btsync they have huge filesystem. If both server disconnect due to some reason and come up again for syncing will they sync only those files which were not synced last time or first they will compare their filesystem and then it will sync what is not present on other server? Summary: Does btsync compare file system everytime it come up for syncing after disconnection? May be I couldn't explain my question very well but I you don't understand then I will again try to explain some other way. Thank you
  13. Bittorrent 7.8 the newest one has been starting to say recently that the system cannot find the path specified. It has been happening to stuff I downloaded before and it should not happen to that stuff. Is there any way I can prevent that from hapening without deleting my statistics and my torrent list because right now I am seeding torrents to people so I dont want to lose the seed. I also need to know if I need to upload something for you guys to see. Sorry, I am new to this forum so I dont want to cause any trouble. So if anyone can help me I can greatly appreciate it!
  14. Is there any way to look at a data base that will tell you how much has been uploaded on each file? The question I would ask would be. "Which files are getting uploaded a lot and which files are uploading a little?"
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