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Found 42 results

  1. I've never had this problem before and I've been using torrents for a while. For the past few days, none of the torrents I've tried have been downloading. When I checked in the trackers tab, the status is "Tracker reply has no peers field". I haven't changed any settings at all. This happened across multiple torrents. How can I fix this? I have switched ISP's lately, but it's been a while and this problem only started a few days ago. What could be the problem? Please help.
  2. So i just installed bittorrent, (I have used it before on this computer and this connection) and was going to download a tv show. it starts downloading, and it won't raise above 10 kB/s. my internet connection is Very good, so that shouldn't be a problem, I'm not running a proxy, the firewall isn't blocking it, my ip isn't blocking the connection, (checked with glasnost) and bittorrent says the connection is working as it should. I have tried multiple different torrents, all with over 3000 seeds, and the same thing happens for all of them. What can i do to fix it? Speedtest link:
  3. I keep getting "BitTorrent has crashed. A crash dump has been saved as: " while im downloading. What can i do to stop it? I need these files by the end of today. thank you!
  4. Alright, Sooooooooooo~ I downloaded bittorent the other day after utorrent decided it wasn't going to work, and i'm having the exact same issue. I downloaded an anime from (33.3GB) and I have the space I need for the download. I left the program on for 9hrs and when i returned it was still telling me it was finding peers. I would like to know if there is something i'm not doing correctly or if i'm essentially screwed if there aren't any peers or are there ways to bypass this and just get my files? it is my first torrent and my first time using torrenting softwares. T ^T please help, i'd love to watch my anime, it was the only place i could finally find it. it says that there are 16 peers in swarm and 115 seeds in the parenthesis, however there are 0 of 0 connected in both
  5. Okay, so I recently changed my ISP and I got a new internet connect. The speed is 75 Mbps. My previous ISP the speed was 11Mbps. I was able to utilize that speed to the fullest, always got no less than 800 Kbps download sped. Now with this ISP. I'm yet to see my speed go past 300Kbps. But if I go to say ubuntu and download their 700MB file, it takes like 4 minutes. But all my torrents are horridly slow. I was just wondering why that was. Hoping someone out there can help me.
  6. Every single time I update BitTorrent, it installs "Conduit Search Protect" (called "Search Protect" when uninstalling). I don't want to have to uninstall it with every update. How do I stop BT from installing it? Thanks.
  7. Hello. I have just downloaded bittorrent on my new computer and for the first time in years i am having problems. Whenever i go download a torrent: I press download torrent and my com automaticly opens bittorrent but here it gives me the usual add new torrent option, but it's empty there is no file to save and start downloading, so when i press okay, nothing happens. hope someone can help me.
  8. Hi, I'm new to this and I'm so sorry if I sound stupid but I just upgraded to BitTorrent Plus and I wanted to convert my torrent so I can play it on my iPad , so I drag the torrent which is completed and I dropped it to 'Apple Tv/iPad' to initiate media conversions and it just said "Queued", and nothing's happening. So please help me, I'm very sorry if I sound soo stupid. Please help, thanks
  9. Hello, I am trying to download a torrent and have successfully clicked on it and it has popped up in BitTorrent as a new torrent. It asks me for a label and I have the option to check 'add to top of queue', ' start torrent' and 'skip harsh check'. These probably don't have that big of a deal to do with it but I checked 'add to top of queue' and 'start torrent'. Once I hit okay, it goes and says its downloading, but it doesn't move from 0%. It says time remaining infinity so I don't think it will ever start. As you can probably tell, i am very new to BitTorrent and I need to download this! I have done some research, about seeds and things, but I have no idea what to do. Hopefully you can help! Also if it means anything, I'm on a mac! Thanks in advance!
  10. Yesterday, I submitted the below post in: BitTorrent Forums → BitTorrent Mobile→ BitTorrent Android→ BitTorrent for Android I received a response from Harold Feit that stated: "incorrect section of the forums." and the topic has been locked. I would like to persue this topic in order to get it resolved. Please provide me some direction as to which section of the forum it belogs and/or point me towards a resource that will help me with this issue. Thank you. _________ Title: BTSync to SDCard on Android Team, Your product is fantastic. I am successfully using BTSync to backup files from my Ubuntu laptop and my Windows laptop to a home server. I tried to expand my use of BTSync to my Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet (Android 4.0.4 / Kernel version but I am having some issues: I have created a folder on my SDCard labeled btsync (path: /mnt/sdcard2/btsync). I tried creating the folder with the SDCard in my laptop and I created the folder on the device after the SDCard was installed. In each instance, I was able to add the /mnt/sdcard2/btsync folder through the ADD A FOLDER function and I am able to successfully scan the QR code. When I press DONE to complete the sync, I get the following error; "Don't have permission to write to selected folder." If I select a folder on SDCard1 (internal storage), the process works flawlessly. I would like to sync files to the external SDCard on my tablet due to the limited amount of space I have on the device itself. Any help you can provide with resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  11. I have been searching for the last half hour to try and find the answer to this question before I went ahead and posted it, but I haven't found it so hopefully someone can help me out! How do you unhide a torrent that you have previously labeled as "Hidden"? I accidentally clicked hidden when I was trying to get to Bandwidth. I don't know how to unhide the torrents that are labeled hidden and it would really help to know that! hopefully this made sense! if not.... well let me know and ill try to explain it again I guess.
  12. Hi, I'm new to this whole thing. Some friends started a SYNC and shared the secret. On my mac, every time I input the secret it says "Can't open destined folder". The secret I'm inputting isn't wrong, because it is the exact same secret my friends were using.
  13. Hi, In need of help, have been using bittorrent for several years with no problems whatsoever, But all of a sudden i start a download and im getting download speeds of 8 to less than 1kbps. My internet connection is around 2mbps and bittorrent is configured properly. I have run test (ctrl-G) and it comes out positive, with 2mbps+ dl speed. There also seems to be random spikes where the dl speed goes upto around 80kbps for a few mins then drops back to 8-1kbps (my upload speed is similarly affected by these random speed spikes, but NOT at the same time as dl speed) Here is my result: Yet my client looks like this: Thanks, and hopefully i can find the way to fix this.
  14. Hey guys, I hope using this thread properly. Newbie here. So, I setup the sync client on my windows machine at work and my linux machine at home. On the linux machine, I generated my full access key and made my folder and what not. at work, I made a folder and used the same shared secret The initial sync worked. My stuff from my linux machine got moved to my windows. (the windows folder was empty) However, nothing has happened for the last 3 hours. I have added stuff to my folder at home (the linux machine) and it has not synced back here. I have also added stuff to my windows folder which has also not synced back here. How should I go about trouble shooting this. I dont see any log files associated with this tool in my /var/log folder. Thanks
  15. First, I downloaded a file called 'Super_Hexagon_(2012)_PC_secure.exe' because a friend suggested it for me to play it. He also said that I needed to use BitTorrent in order to download it and play it. What I understood was that I had to open the file mentioned above with BitTorrent, so what I did was that I dragged the file into BitTorrent, and it worked fine (I think). The file was seen in BitTorrent with the 'Seeding...' and everything, but when I tried to open it, it made almost, if not all, files in my computer to change their icons (all of them had an icon of a paper sheet with the BitTorrent logo inside of it'). Now whenever I try to open a file, it leads me to the BitTorrent window and a message pops up saying 'Unable to load (file name but shortened).exe'. My friend suggested that I had to use the Restore System feature in my computer, but when I tried to use it, it did the same; it opened BitTorrent with the message 'Unable to load mrstrui.exe'. And before someone asks, yes, it was my first time using BitTorrent and all I wanted to do was download Super Hexagon and play it instantly. Does anyone know how to fix this? If you need any information of my computer system I can give it to you.
  16. Hey Guys , Im Having Trouble With my Bittorrent , Ive Been Using It for a while now & everything is great but yesterday i noticed the connection wasnt working , i try changing the bandwith but it stays the same .. what can i do to fix this?
  17. I am new to this a downloaded the bittorrent...... i wanted to get sims 3 with all the additions and add-ons, so i did...... but how do i get it to play for me? please i need help.........