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Found 4 results

  1. Boruch


    I am using the Windows version with a Nord VPN. Twice my service has been interrupted by Cablevision (ISP) because of a Torrent download violation. What am I doing wrong to avoid detection?
  2. Hello, I have 80 megabits speed but when downloading torrent, old/new simply i do not get the speed near to my expectation. Usually I receive 50-70 kB/s for all the torrent files. When download start, it's gradually increases but with in few seconds it stalls. I tried disabling antivirus and recently I reinstalled my Windows(8.1) but no use. I have tried VPN to check if really it's blocked/limited by my ISP but VPN doesn't allow torrent download at all. There is something fishy with my ISP, I called them and they totally denied limiting my access to torrents. Let me know what could be done! Best Regards, M.Aqib
  3. I just switched to a new local ISP. They uses DMASOFTLAB Radius Manager to authenticate users. How it works is I have to login through an Web interface in order to connect with internet. Login from one browser works and internet accessible for all browsers. But I am unable to use bittorrent. The ads around the bittorrent interfaces shows the login page (probably they loaded via iFrame). Any advice will be greatly appreciate.
  4. My bitTorent downloads are fine and fast until I started to notice that the downloads were getting slow. It happened during the third week of December. The download is very slow. The down speed is 1.3 kb/s while the up speed is 9.9 kB/s. The usual speed when I'm downloading ranges from 100 kB/s to 200 kB/s. Whenever I check, the results are: Ping: 15 ms Download: 1.44Mbps Upload: 0.78Mbps So I don't think that our connection or server is the problem. I thought that the problems are: 1. The seeds 2. Many people are downloading But then, this slow download is still happening now which is unusual because it's already three weeks since this has happened. I've read in one of the forums here that there maybe a problem in the ISP. I don't know how to fix an ISP. Can someone please help me? I really want to return the download speed of my bitTorrent. Thank you!