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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I'm new etc. So I Googled for how to stop seeding as soon as a download finishes and found a locked post on here in which the OP asked the same question and was gently 'attacked' for it by an admin. I know there are a lot of leechers out there but some people have genuine reasons for asking. As this is the general discussion section, I wanted to post about this. I am living in Spain for a few months (south of Andalucía, really close to the coast) whilst getting work experience, fully intending to move back to the UK at the end of it (I'll not elaborate on why!) and the only way to get unlimited data in this country is to have ADSL. I can't get a phone line in my building (they won't install more lines because they're getting fibre optics in a few months i.e. when I'm back in the UK) so I called every slightly not-fake sounding WiFi / Satellite company that offered unlimited data but they don't supply my area. So my only option was dongle / mobile broadband. It was an emergency so I purchased a dongle - it came with 600 MB and I had the option of paying €10 per every 1 GB after that up to 5 GB maximum per month. I won't be renewing that. I was then left with mobile broadband. The best tariff available was Vodafone's 10 GB per month offer - 10 GB at 4G speeds then unlimited at 64 kb/ a cost of €42 per month. I'm not joking. P2P was not allowed on that tariff. So I decided to move house. Luckily my landlords are incredibly nice and probably appreciated that the estate agent lied about telephone/internet being available and they offered to add me to their business contract with Vodafone because there are better tariffs for sole traders / businesses. Vodafone now offered 40 GB at 4G, another 20 GB at 3G and then unlimited data 'at a significantly throttled speed' which I'm assuming is 64 kb/s because any lower would be criminal. Surely. And this was at a cost of €60 per month. Holding back my tears, I accepted. Then, my landlords offered to pay half of the cost! It just never happens in real life though does it? P2P is allowed on this tariff. Seemed too good to be true. It was too good to be true. The 'download limit' is actually a 'download and upload limit'. In the space of one week I am at 25 GB. Most of that is upload data. Most of what I download is just TV and there are thousands of seeders so I thought 'well, I'm a really dedicated seeder, always have been, so surely I've earned a few months of being able to leech on torrents which are very popular and thereby limiting the damage to my data allowance...' whilst still intending to seed say, less popular torrents as there aren't many movies worth watching these days anyway. So I began my Google hunt for information on blocking uploads. I have since decided I may stream TV shows so that I don't have the guilt of not seeding but I will decide for myself if my circumstances justify a few months of leeching. The point of this biopic is that sometimes, people genuinely have good reasons for not seeding! Perhaps before responding snarkily to a question, maybe first ask for the OP's biopic? Thanks for reading!