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Found 4 results

  1. After running a speed test this is what i got: However, when I download something on BitTorrent, I'm usually pulling at less than 100kb/s. I'm downloading a fresh torrent right now which I'm pulling at 5 kb/s. It has 130+ seeders and 7 leechers, so I don't understand why I' pulling it so damn slowly. I have my download speed set to 0 (default), which should be uncapped, right? Someone help me out? I have Verizon FiOS and I'm able to do almost anything else with no problem (stream 4k videos while playing games online, etc), so I'm pretty certain its BitTorrent that's the problem here.
  2. Hi, recently I've had a huge decrease in download speeds, and I've no idea why. Here is my result on speedtest: I'm currently downloading my torrents in KiB/s, and these are torrents with decent amounts of seeders, too. Here's a screenshot: I've no idea what caused this...any advice/troubleshooting tips?
  3. My bitTorent downloads are fine and fast until I started to notice that the downloads were getting slow. It happened during the third week of December. The download is very slow. The down speed is 1.3 kb/s while the up speed is 9.9 kB/s. The usual speed when I'm downloading ranges from 100 kB/s to 200 kB/s. Whenever I check, the results are: Ping: 15 ms Download: 1.44Mbps Upload: 0.78Mbps So I don't think that our connection or server is the problem. I thought that the problems are: 1. The seeds 2. Many people are downloading But then, this slow download is still happening now which is unusual because it's already three weeks since this has happened. I've read in one of the forums here that there maybe a problem in the ISP. I don't know how to fix an ISP. Can someone please help me? I really want to return the download speed of my bitTorrent. Thank you!
  4. Hi, I am sorry for what is probably a painfully common question, but I moved into a new apartment halls and find that my torrents are extremely slow. Most likely due to "Port not open (you are still able to download)", which I am guessing is the result of some sort of restriction. Problem is this: I have not done anythign to the computer and 2 weeks ago it was working fine. The only variable is I moved into new halls, but it's the same ISP and I called them up and they reassured me they are placing no restriction at all I would really appreciate some sort of advice on how to proceed. Thanks just some notes: i disabled the antiviruses/firewalls and added bittorrent as exceptions Twice now the speeds have, for short periods of time, gone up a lot. That happened when I started Torrent after restarting the computer - for one torrent suddenly the speed jumped to 4Mbps Overall speed of the internet - 30Mbps Torrent Average speed - 100KBs