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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, my name is Tipy and I have a problem. As you can see in the attachment, I cannot find BitTorrent in Control Panel ( there are all the apps that start with "B"). I tried multiple ways to delete a program but BitTorrent doesn't give a f**k about me, it keeps working as nothing happened. If is there someone that can help me, I would really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, I want to unsinstall bittorent ( I used 2 methods and both lead to the same behaviour: 1: I use the uninstall button from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features 2: I use the uninstaller found in C:\Program Files (x86)\BitTorrent both methods launch a programme called "au_.exe" This programme shows a window in which I can see: and it loops for ever, Even if Bittorrent is open, it will kill it and then still loop for ever. I rebooted the machine (windows 2012), I use Administrator account, I can't remove bittorrent! what are my options? thx
  3. Hello , I am not using BitTorrent on the regular, I download stuff once per month, and the last time i used it i uninstalled from programs and features. Today when i clicked to install it again, it opened instantly with no instalation. I made my download and now when i try to uninstall it it says " You do not have sufficient acess to uninstall BitTorrent. Please contact your system administrator " . And this is my home PC and I AM THE ADMINISTRATOR . Looked for BitTorrent folder in Program files but it is not there, it is not in the start up menu either. But when i searched in C disk i found it here: Local Disk(C:)>>>Users>>>Deni>>>AppData>>>Local>>>Temp>>>HYD6253.tmp.1445194479_permissionsCopy I tried deleting it with app, tryed safe mode nothing is working. I even deleted this folder and after I restart the PC, it pops out again.The version of BitTorrent is 7.9.3 . Please help this thing is starting to get on my nerves ....
  4. Hi, I've searched but have not found the answer to my question. I apologize if it's already been asked I've used and uninstalled Bittorent for Windows7 in the past without problems. I recently reinstalled it and I've been trying to uninstall it because it has taken over my web brower, won't let me open task mgr, etc. I've tried to uninstall it through the control panel, and nothing happens. My virus scanner didn't find anything wrong with it What should I do? Thanks Sorry, should have added the msg I get when trying to open other programmes "Unable to load " msseces.exe": (or whatever programme) Torrent is not valid bencoding
  5. So I installed Utorrent a few weeks ago. Yesterday I saw that bittorrent was at the top of my programs list when i went to uninstall utorrent. So i uninstalled utorrent and went to do bittorrent too, but it said i have insufficient permissions to do so. So i figured i would install bittorent since it was probably just a corrupted file that came with utorrent. I installed it and uninstalled it and all was good. Today i turn my computer on to find its still in my programs list even though it wasnt last night when i turned off my computer. Windows Security Essentials says theres nothing wrong, and i cant find any mention of bittorrent in my c or e drives, they are my only drives. I believe its either a virus or trojan of some sort, or you guys need to fix it. P.S. when it says bittorrent is installed even though it isnt, theres no purple icon next to it like it should be, and my internet connection is extremely slow.
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