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Found 7 results

  1. I have over 100 peers in my swarm but my upload speed is very low and then sometimes it stops all together. What gives? Could it have something to do with the Proxy I'm using? I wish there was a way I could connect to people with better upload speeds. I turned the Proxy off and it's still going slow. Some of my trackers have HTTP Errors, like HTTP Error 502 and 404. Is there any way to fix them? Some of them even say the connection is timed out.
  2. Hi! First of all - thank you for this forum! It really helps I am a newby so my question might make you laugh, I don't mind. Now, to the point: I'd like to create a torrent linked to a file on my pc and then, I'd like to seed it in the same time downloading it without making it public. Can one do it? Some possible solutions I thought about: 1) Use two computers (already not good, a lot of effort...) make a private torrent, seed with one pc and download with another (I have tried it with two laptops connected to the same wifi, and it dodn't work, probably because it was the same ip, can you get around it somehow?) 2) Use one computer with two torrent programs (eg. bittorent and utorrent) use one program to seed and another to download (preferable, but I have tried this too, doesn't work, probably some proxy is needed, but I do not know almost anything about proxy) 3) Use seedbox and download the uploaded files back (rather expensive I guess, however my friend has some space on his server, can I make my own kind of private 'seedbox' with it?) Which of these 3 is possible and how? Any suggestions? If there is any other way to do it, please let me know! The goal is to download via torrent a file I already have. It is a private file and I musn't make it public. It's all about a unique qualities of corruption only (to my knowledge) incomplete torrent download presents. I have tried downloading in other ways (eg. google drive) but without much success. But maybe you know of another program/website where downlowading process is similar (I think it's all about sort of 'cloud' of information that gets mixed up when incomplete, but I don't know really). Thank you in advance for any help!
  3. No link to upload custom photo. Please advise.
  4. Why are my upload speeds often not even exceeding the 10 KB/s? I want to share torrent files I've downloaded, but it's so slow. Any solutions?
  5. So, I have a file where I'm the only available seeder and occasionaly there are someone that downloads it. ATM there are 3 waiting and 1 of those are downloading from me. THEN! I download 3 files with 153/199/434 seeders and 137/228/332 peers. If I try to say to the client that "Screw those, there's enough seeders already, I have one that's more important!" and then set max upload rate to 25kB/s (why can't I block upload per file totaly?) I get next to no download speed. Can someone please explain to me why it's more important to upload files with hundreds of seeders than to the lone bastard? When I started with torrents many years ago there was a system where you could stop downloading to those who didn't upload, but it was manual, this seems to be automatic and generated by the client, and it doesn't look at your total upload (percentage of line capacity and I have 700kbps (80ish KB/s), only the specific file.
  6. Hello, I am using NetLimiter to show me which are the programs to use the network. I have noticed that whenever BitTorrent is uploading data, it listed with an upload traffic of say 400kb/s and also 'host process for windows services' for say 200kb/s. If BitTorrent is paused, the traffic of 'host process for windows services' is equally reduced down to zero. If BitTorrent is only downloading, 'host process for windows services' has no in/outbound traffic Can anyone shade some light ob this phenomenon? Thanks in advance, Guy
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