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Found 11 results

  1. ilias


    Does the bitTorrent net have an intranet ways to search for not directly connected trackers/servers, and storing data on a servers/clients (a custom data, not only an indexes or similar), that will be accessible trough such search ? Why the qBitTorrent doesn't have a capability to search tracker's BitTorrent Indexes and DHT for .torrents by meta and name ?
  2. I'm using a tracker that they closed. They said to use DHT so the download can work. But it is saying "DHT Is not allowed"
  3. Greetings, all BitTorrent fanatics and gurus. I'm having trouble downloading a torrent, and I don't understand why. The torrent appears to have multiple seeds, yet the availability, and hence the download, is stuck at 0.971. The torrent in question is "Safe.House.S01.1080p.BluRay.x264-KEEPERS[rartv]" (the one shown on top in the screenshot). As can be seen in this torrent's Trackers tab, its Peer Exchange row lists 5 seeds and 117 peers, and its Distributed Hash Table (DHT) row lists 4 seeds and 58 peers. Thus, I'm surprised and baffled that the torrent's availability remains (and has always been) only 0.971. How can this be? The BitTorrent User Manual's glossary defines a seed as "A peer with 100% of the data in the torrent contents." 100%—Doesn't this mean that even a single seed would provide a torrent access to everything it needs to reach full (1.000) availability? Perhaps I'm missing something? Please, BitTorrenters who know more than I, help me understand, or even better, let me know if there's something I can do to get the final bit (pun intended!) of this torrent downloaded. Thank you!
  4. Hi, i used torrent for years. In couple last days i wanted to download something from tv shows and i simple cannot do this. It seems to show me that connecting to peers are last forever. Than i realised that in "trackers" display next to every tracker sign "no such host is known"... This is the image how its look I used top torrents from top list that no way to this tracker have 0 seeds ... Anyone can help me? I read couple of topics on forums and get nothing to fix it, likely this poeple with the same problem on forums. Can anyon e explain me (please use simple language) whats going on and how to fix it ? PLEASE, BEGGING YOU HELP
  5. I am running Win 7, Avast Free. BT 7.9.5 was working fine until a couple days ago. I did not change any settings. My laptop is able to download using BT on same wifi with Avast running with no issues. I checked Windows firewall and it allows BT. I guess it means something on this desktop is blocking it. I have reinstalled BT, restarted Win7, tried deleting the files according to I have read all the DHT posts i can find and have tried those things. Basically, it is not my ISP or Avast since my Macbook works fine (on same WIFI and running Avast). But I still cannot figure out why DHT is waiting to log in. Any help? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm a new BitTorrent user, apologies if I'm missing something obvious. I'm trying to download some files, but upon adding them to the client the arrow next to the file name immediately turns red; the progress bar remains at 0%. The availability bar is also red. Under "trackers" dht, peer exchange, and local peer discovery are not allowed. I'm using a comcast internet service with an ethernet cable hooked up to my Macbook (OS X Yosemite 10.10) and the firewall is at minimum which should allow for peer to peer applications. Been looking around the web, but would appreciate some direct help here. LMK if you need more info or if something is unclear. Thank you!
  7. I recently found that I had a virus and used Malwarebytes to help me get rid of it, which it did, but unfortunately right afterwards I started having trouble with connectivity to things. Now, when trying to run a torrent it's stuck in the "Finding Peers" state. I first noticed this when trying to open Steam and being unable to connect to the Steam servers (which could serve as a clue). I had to run steam in tcp mode and it started to work. Currently my DHT, local peer discovery, and peer exchange are all working, though the DHT wasn't working for quite a while. The udp differs per torrent. It seems that certain torrents start to work after a while but others won't. I would guess that this has something to do with my how UDP is handled? I'm really not familiar with networking and would appreciate any help on this.
  8. Hi, With some friends we would like to do the following things: - Share photos - Family videos - Share private torrents This would be done over a private network using tinc (Virtual Private Network daemon). Torrents shared over this network must not be accessed from other networks. No connection tentatives must be done towards external networks. Every machine knows what files are available on the other machines of the network. When a machine is asked to download a file, it should download it from a set of other machines owning the file to maximise transfer rate (in comparison to direct transfer). A------------B | C----' If A wants a file, if the file is in B and C, then A will download chunks from B and C at the same time. The index of what files are available should not be put in a central place. We would like the system to still work if any machine is disconnected from the network. The indexer and sharing daemon should run on a headless machine. This solution looks like trackerless (via DHT) torrent, but we couldn't find any good implementation. The only tool that we found doing all of that is tribler. Yet, before digging into more details about this tool, we would like to know all the possibilities we have. We have tried to set up trackers on each host sharing files. Yet we have to synchronize the trackers and we couldn't figure an obvious way to do this. Moreover it is not easy to have a unified view of the totality of the available shared content on the network. We are aiming at a trackerless architecture which would allow us to list and share files in a decentralised fashion. We think the DHT will be a key component of our architecture. Are there any existing tools which could allow us to set up all these requirements in place? Thanks in advance for any of your ideas and suggestions. Best regards.
  9. I logged in to and am trying to download a file via Bittorrent and the message i get on Bittorent is : DHT: waiting to log in. have been waiting for 1/2 I am on Win 7 os. and using FireFox 21.0. Is the problem with DHT site? or do I have configurations wrong on Bittorent? thanks
  10. Hello All, I've been using BT for years with no issues. I recently got a new router from Xfinity, and now I'm having issues. At first DHT showed error so I followed a that thread for a remedy to no avail. I unstalled and reinstalled BT, and it worked like a charm. Next day, won't connect to peers, so I reinstalled and deleted reg entries to no avail. I'll list as much as I can FYI. Current Error: DHT: 0 nodes (Login) All DHT and UPnP setting in BT are checked. I've set Protocol Encryption: under Preferences > BT to Enabled I've set UPnP: in router to Enabled. Exceptions added to Firewall and Webroot AV. I exited BT and deleted dht.old etc in appdata folder and restarted. Nope. So, I've followed all relevant threads I could find, and I just can't figure this out. Thanx in Advance
  11. I've been using Bittorrent for years without any problems but it suddenly isn't working. Now I don't know much about computers but it says at the bottom DHT: waiting to log in or 0 nodes. I know there are seeds and the file is normal movie size. I also am using the same internet security I always have and have not changed any firewall settings. I tried to uninstall then re-install but that hasn't helped. What can I do?