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Found 21 results

  1. How to download bittorrent speed? Whenever i click the this url: it always automatically redirects me to a bittorrent web exe instead of a bittorent speed.
  2. Recently any torrents I download have started off downloading at decent speeds of up to 4MB/s, but then start to decline after about 20 seconds. They fall and hover around 75-300 kB/s, maxing out at MAYBE 300kB/s. It's not just one source, and it happens on popular torrents with tons of seeders as well. I've already tried downloading slackware torrents, and they have the same problem. I've been messing with the preferences to try and fix it- which I will attach, but so far I haven't had any luck. I'm using the latest version (I think), 7.9.9 build 42607 32-bit. What exactly is going on here, and is there anything I can do to fix it? I live in an apartment so I know internet can be pretty bad, but even downloading big files direct never has this behavior. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I'm using a 4G broadband with dongle and my download speed on every torrent is less than 5 kb/s although the download speed itself can go up to 5mb/s or more. Also i remember that i somehow fixed it by using the vpn TPB was promoting on their site a long time ago. Does this mean either the trackers are cockblocking me or is my ISP being a douche? Some enlightment please
  4. I have over 100 peers in my swarm but my upload speed is very low and then sometimes it stops all together. What gives? Could it have something to do with the Proxy I'm using? I wish there was a way I could connect to people with better upload speeds. I turned the Proxy off and it's still going slow. Some of my trackers have HTTP Errors, like HTTP Error 502 and 404. Is there any way to fix them? Some of them even say the connection is timed out.
  5. New here so sorry if I posted in the wrong section. My download speeds are being really weird, at first they were at 300-400kbs for several hours, and all of a sudden over night, the speeds dropped to between 0.0kbs to 1kbs. And now (several hours later) I notice that the speeds are acting really weird and going as low as 0kbs up to 100kbs give or take, and it seems comepletely random. Any ideas?
  6. past weeks days even today it was all downloading at max speed each move use to download at speed 4mb dwn speed or more. something is wrong somewere now when i try to download any bit torrent file it takes time to fetch the file takes time, even after long time it comes the download speed is no more then 2kb ??????? speed test results. 1: firewall is not blocking it. what is the problem.
  7. After running a speed test this is what i got: However, when I download something on BitTorrent, I'm usually pulling at less than 100kb/s. I'm downloading a fresh torrent right now which I'm pulling at 5 kb/s. It has 130+ seeders and 7 leechers, so I don't understand why I' pulling it so damn slowly. I have my download speed set to 0 (default), which should be uncapped, right? Someone help me out? I have Verizon FiOS and I'm able to do almost anything else with no problem (stream 4k videos while playing games online, etc), so I'm pretty certain its BitTorrent that's the problem here.
  8. My speed graph is looking weird. When I view it, the bottom us cut off as shown. I have tried reinstalling, but nothing worked.
  9. Hello, I have recently switched ISP from Talk Talk to Plusnet and I've had an issue since. As soon as I start the program the download speed goes up to 1.8MB/s then drops after 30 seconds to ~200-300kb/s. The only way for the speeds to return to normal is if I manually change ports within the program the speed shoots back up then drops again after about 30 seconds. I've forwarded the ports in my router and allowed the program and ports to my firewall so I'm at a loss as to why I'm having to manually change ports every 30 seconds when the speed is obviously there, I've spoken to my ISP and they told me they do not throttle anymore so that is not the issue. Hopefully you guys have some helpful tips and answers I could try, thanks in advance.
  10. For the last 3 days, a file I am downloading has remained unchanged at 33.2%, 63 kb, and an ETA of 6 hours and 21 minutes. Obviously, the download isn't actually occurring or else it would be complete by now. Other downloads have been completed normally. So the issue is with this file. It includes a video in several formats. The percentage is nearly the same for each. But they are not changing despite the fairly high speed indicated. Do I have any options other than giving up and trashing this file? --- Joe ---
  11. Not quite sure how to word this but, does BitTorrent natively support distributing videos encoded with MPEG4's Scalable Video Coding (SVC) in the different possibleversions? Or rather, is it possible to distribute a video file encoded with SVC in different resolutions inside the same torrent? Or link swarms that represent different resolution versions of the same SVC-encoded movie file? I'm not sure on the terminology... If so, can someone please point me in the right direction as to how I can do this myself - it sounds sweet. If this isn't yet possible, to whom do I send the cheque to make this happen? --- For those who don't know, Scalable Video Coding allows several different quality/bitrate/resolution/framerate versions of a video to be represented inside of the same bit stream. There is a baseline video layer, to which several improvement layers can be optionally added to bring up the quality while still limited by some criteria (e.g. bandwidth) I'm imaging that instead of having separately encoded files, torrents and hence swarms for each version of a video (e.g. 480p, 720p & 1080p) there would be a single source file, a single torrent and a single swarm. Each person would pick what version they want when they open the torrent. Then of course only download and then seed the pieces needed for their version. Availability of the baseline video stream would be super-high since you could get those pieces of the torrent from anyone with any version of the video. Availability of higher res versions would drop off in proportion with how many people wanted them. e.g. instead of 3 different swarms of 75, 150 and 75 seeders for the 480p, 720p and 1080p versions, there would be a single swarm with availability of 300 for the 480p, 225 for the 720p and 75 for the 1080p version. When a downloader wants the 1080p version, seeders with the higher-res versions could concentrate on distributing the pieces unique to their version while those with lower-res versions filled in the rest. In my head this all sounds pretty amazing and would seem like it would increase speed and availability for everyone while reducing waste and duplication - an almost unmitigated win except for a more complicated encode/decode. But I can't find much on this anywhere. The closest I can find is a reference about 2 years ago to a prototype system called WuKong built on BitTorrent, WMV and SVC - but I don't feel like spending the money to buy the article! At least not right now. So, can anyone shed some light on this topic for me? Is it possible? How? If not, past discussions? ETA?
  12. My download speed suddenly slow'd down from 360kb/s to 5kb/s-10kb/s. I don't know why. >I checked the seeds of that torrent and I saw that the seeds are pretty high & less leechers My speedtest result:
  13. Hello, I had this question as I saw a comment somewhere saying that if you are uploading at least 25kb/s, the tracker gives you download priority. Is this true? I've always seed for the fact of sharing, but does it give any benefit? Thanks for your time.
  14. My internet speed is 9.7mbps but bittorrent does not provide such speed. It is giving less than 150/kbsec to 180kb/sec. My friends always tell me that they have a 4mbps connection and their client always give them more than 400kb/sec. Sometimes my internet does not works properly and becomes very slow so the bittorrent gives just 0.1kb, 0.2kb or just 1kb/sec. But, when my internet works fast and works perfectly, then even bittorrent is just on 170kb/sec. What is this problem? You might be thinking that I have been downloading huge size like 10GB or 15GB something but I don't download anything more than 700MB. Still the speed is 170kb/sec even when my internet speed is fast. Remember my internet speed is 9.6mbps. Thankyou and please look forward to my query and solve my issue. Please!
  15. First off, here's my speed test results I started downloading Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag first the torrent was rising until 50-55 kb/s, my regular speed is 100 kb/s, then the speed started decreasing til it reached 0.2 kb/s, 0.1 kb/s, then it disappeared, after a few minutes it started rising til about 12 kb/s then kept going up and down between 34 kb/s & 19 kb/s, I was downloading CoD Black Ops II and it was running at full speed until it was finished, so it's really starting to piss me off and this is 23 GB so I really need the speed, if someone can please help me out here, I'd be very grateful.
  16. Hello, I am a fairly experienced Bittorrent user. Over the past 3 months I have downloaded a fair amount of files (around 1TB). Prior to now I have had here and there speed problems but nothing like this. My provider (ATT Uverse) plan that I have nets me 18MB/s download and is capped at about 1.5MB/s upload due to their outdated wiring. With this I can download between 1.7 and 2.0 Mbs/second per the bittorrent client. I have noted over the past 2 months or so that I cannot break through 1.2MB/s on bittorrent. I queued up the top 5 most seeded files, the single top file etc in all various ways to hit something near 1.8 to no avail. It is as if there is an invisible cap at 1.2 and I just cannot figure out how to break through. My returns my known 18 mb down and 1.5 mb up with a ping usually in the 30s. This is the norm. Nothing else I do is affected. I test with everything set to unlimited, then uTP limited, then upload limited to half, then to only 10 or 15Kbs/s and nothing changes. I notice if i upload at max my DL can't maintain its top so I tend to throttle that back. I currently have firewall exception and random port set. The only hick-up I ever see is when i do CNTR + G that my port is not forwarded (random forwarding remember). This is all I can find. Any help for me out there? Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I will say that I JUST uninstalled and reinstalled the client and my speed was up to 1.6MB/s for a bit which made me ecstatic. I had stepped away from my PC (and house) for an hour and came back to see it, then as I moved my mouse (did not web interaction mind you) it dropped down to 1.0 and then blipped up to 1.2 again..
  17. Hi, I always downloaded very fast, like over 1mb/s, but it's a few days I can't get it over 70-80 kb/s (even if I choose torrents with thousands of seeds) My connection is fast: I wonder: is it possible that my ISP is somehow reducing my download speed? Thank you! Giovanni
  18. i have been using bit torrent for quite some time and lately have run into issues with download speed. for some reason it wont go over 1.5-1.7 MB per second. i know its not my internet or my hardware. are there settings i need to change? here are my speed results. http://www.speedtest...sult/2906856226 any help would be appreciated. also i am aware of the seeder to leech ratio and all that. one of the things i was downloading had about 3600 seeders and about 500 leeches. for some reason the link isnt working here is the image
  19. Hi, In need of help, have been using bittorrent for several years with no problems whatsoever, But all of a sudden i start a download and im getting download speeds of 8 to less than 1kbps. My internet connection is around 2mbps and bittorrent is configured properly. I have run test (ctrl-G) and it comes out positive, with 2mbps+ dl speed. There also seems to be random spikes where the dl speed goes upto around 80kbps for a few mins then drops back to 8-1kbps (my upload speed is similarly affected by these random speed spikes, but NOT at the same time as dl speed) Here is my result: Yet my client looks like this: Thanks, and hopefully i can find the way to fix this.
  20. hi there there is a problem that i have it for last 5-6 days my average dl speed with IDM and even direct with google chrome downloader is 180 KB/s but in these past 6 days my dl speed with bittorrent doesn't get over 20 KB/s why? what can i do?! does anyone have this problem too?! i have this problem with every torrent, there are 15 queued files on my list and all of them have same problem!!!!