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Found 4 results

  1. The recent spate of ads comes with audio, just like the popups I block with extensions in my browser. Quite annoying when I'm trying to do something else on my computer. Please block ads with audio.
  2. The last couple of days I've noticed that a lot of the ads shown in the BitTorrent client are of the scamware variety. You know, the type that warns you that Windows is reporting security risks, or that your pc is slow and needs to click here to solve it? That gets annoying, really, really, fast... I can understand receiving the occasional French ad, because I live in Belgium (1km from the Dutch border, but w/e), but these scam ads are pissing me off...
  3. OS: Windows 7 x64 Bittorrent version: 7.9.2 build 37251 (12.12.2014) How to cause this problem: Go to advanced settings and change value of gui.show_plus_upsell to false, exit program to save settings. Start Bittorrent again and put PC into hibernation. Start computer again from hibernation and check Bittorrent and you will see that advertisement in left corner is active again because gui.show_plus_upsell reset itself to true.
  4. I've seen this question alluded to in this forum, but the answer said only that one can discover how to accomplish this by doing a search. Then the topic was locked. I've done some searches and poked around in Preferences and Help with no success. Can anyone help point me to the answer? Thanks. --Thri