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Found 13 results

  1. I downloaded a Pink Floyd and an Alice in Chains album from thepiratebaydotorg, I've been seeding it for five hours but it doesn't display an upload speed, the seed ratio doesn't change and I haven't uploaded a seed. What's happening?
  2. With the android client, a person can download multiple files within a folder sequentially, in that when you select to download sequentially, the first file will download without buffering the rest. This goes on until the last file is downloaded. On PC, the BitTorrent client prefers to buffer all the files before downloading in sequence once you select "prioritize by file order". This doesn't help much since the first file takes longer to download since it has to wait for the rest of the files to buffer. I think you should include the option where each file strictly downloads before the rest instead of prioritizing them like on mobile clients... or just keep both features.
  3. Hi. I'm new to Bittorrent development and I was hoping someone here could give me some direction on how to get started. My goal is to enable my Android app (already built) to use the BitTorrent protocol to sync images that have been captured by the app up to our Amazon AWS servers. Would doing so require our users to separately install the BitTorrent Sync client on their Android devices? Or is there some way to build the BitTorrent engine into our Java-based Android app? If the latter, where can I find details on how to do that (and what to do on the other end - the AWS side)? Thanks.
  4. My bit torrent on my grand prime downloads 4 torrents at once .. i want it to download one &when finish downloads another one Automaticlly .. I could do it on my laptop but i couldnt on my android .. Can you please Help me And sorry for bad English
  5. Hello, good afternoon. I have been using bittorrent for some time now but just recently i realised that the downloads are not working AT ALL on my android. At first i thought it had something to do with my internet being slow but when i got my internet fixed it continued to not work. All it says when i try to download anything is "Calculating - 0B" can someone please help me out?
  6. Hi all, I am a novice to BitTorrent and have been learning to download files. I have some of the basics down but the movies play sound only on my Samsung tablet. I actually had this figured out several months ago and then got away from torrents for a while. Now that I'm back I can't find my notes. As I recall, only certain types of movie downloads would show video on my tablet, others only sound. The trial-and-error effort the last time was painful, and I kick myself for losing my notes. Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks! Cigar
  7. Hello, I believe the Android app is draining a lot of battery when my tablet is asleep, possibly because the wifi is constantly running, and possibly because it uses a lot of CPU. Normally my tablet lasts a few weeks when sleeping, and after installing the btsync app (auto-syncing a 300 MB folder), it drains in approximately two overnights. This does not show up in the app's battery usage, rather when I click the charge vs time graph I can see that (for example) overnight, there is a steady decrease and that the wifi is on during this time. I have also noticed that it is using ~500 MB of RAM and 30% of my CPU often, even when there are "0 devices online". I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (original version) and the latest android app. My request would be to have more options for wifi management, or ways to tell it to stop thinking so hard about nothing. Cheers, Jack
  8. Hi all I am a android noob and also new on this forum. I would like to self-host my synchronizable agendas. I managed to auto-sync my "calendar.db" file from my android phone to my PC, using BTsync. This "calendar.db" then I can open using an SQLite viewer. My questions: Is there a WIN7 calendar-application that can directly work with this .db file? Or do I need to have it converted to ical every time when I auto-sync, to open it for example in Chandler? Can I write / is there a small script to do so? Tia for any answers ..
  9. Hello people, I'm very new to BitTorrent Sync, but I feel this is a very cool peace of software. So, I have two computers and Android phone. I want to sync a folder on my mobile with these to computes. But when I'm trying to connect another computer, the app tells me my that mobile folder is already in sync with other device. I mean, the source is mainly my mobile for two my comps. What can I do? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I'm here because I was trying to find an alternative to SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share that also has an iOS version, BitTorrent Sync seems to be the one, at least it looks the same! I was wondering if anybody know how to do it over Personal Hot Spot or a local WAN with no internet access? Thanks
  11. Hello! I have successfully synchronized a directory from my work computer with one on the external SDCard on my smartphone. Now, I would like to synchronize it from my smartphone to my home computer. Mobile to mobile is quite easy using the Send function but I can't find how to do the sync Mobile --> Desktop. I'm sure this is something dumb easy to achieve so please forgive my ignorance and shed some light over here!
  12. Yesterday, I submitted the below post in: BitTorrent Forums → BitTorrent Mobile→ BitTorrent Android→ BitTorrent for Android I received a response from Harold Feit that stated: "incorrect section of the forums." and the topic has been locked. I would like to persue this topic in order to get it resolved. Please provide me some direction as to which section of the forum it belogs and/or point me towards a resource that will help me with this issue. Thank you. _________ Title: BTSync to SDCard on Android Team, Your product is fantastic. I am successfully using BTSync to backup files from my Ubuntu laptop and my Windows laptop to a home server. I tried to expand my use of BTSync to my Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet (Android 4.0.4 / Kernel version but I am having some issues: I have created a folder on my SDCard labeled btsync (path: /mnt/sdcard2/btsync). I tried creating the folder with the SDCard in my laptop and I created the folder on the device after the SDCard was installed. In each instance, I was able to add the /mnt/sdcard2/btsync folder through the ADD A FOLDER function and I am able to successfully scan the QR code. When I press DONE to complete the sync, I get the following error; "Don't have permission to write to selected folder." If I select a folder on SDCard1 (internal storage), the process works flawlessly. I would like to sync files to the external SDCard on my tablet due to the limited amount of space I have on the device itself. Any help you can provide with resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  13. Hi fellows, I'm using the android App and the torrent stops and ask to recheck, how can I do it on Android? Tahanks in advance