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Found 6 results

  1. Just fired up my BT client, 7.9.9.something version, AVAST popped up and bam, deleted bittorrent.exe :/ I'm gonna try v7.10 now and see what happens.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm in need of some help/advice. My bittorrent has been crashing a lot lately, and I've been trying to update, but with the last few versions my antivirus (which has always behaved well regarding all my torrent habits), won't even give me the option to ignore the threat and keep installing it; it just shuts it all down. The error threat reads: 4/24/15, 2:28:17am Scanner: Real-time file system protection Type of object: File Object: /Volumes/BitTorrent-39559/ Threat: OSX/Adware.Spigot.D application Action: Not possible to clean root Information: Event occurred during an attempt to access the file by the application: /usr/libexec/syspolicyd. From browsing on other forums I was able to figure out that the threat is an adware. I don't know that much about what to do about that error, since there isn't really another kind of installation package that's not bundled. So, any advices about what to do? Thanks in advance
  3. hello, I have been using your 'plus' version for some time, a few months ago AFTER an automatic update your antivirus function quit working and has never checked files for viruses since, I have emailed MANY times finally getting the response you will let me know when a 'fix' has been found, well, it doesn't work, it's NOT a firewall or incompatiblity issue, the antivirus always says it will check after the download is finshed being checked or finished downloading, can you DEVELOP a fix for this?, oh and it is almost impossible to find ANY way to contact YOUR SUPPORT (NOT the forum) to let you know this, every time I scour your site and this time I really can't find how to contact you, jesus, does anyone there even give a shit?, for months not having the antivirus working?, it's a major selling point for your product but it's not working, well, it's YOUR reputation at stake, and your customer's frustration and disappointment won't help!
  4. Without any understandable cause, Ad-Aware prevented the download of a version of Breaking Bad declaring it to be a threat until I turned off real time protection. The download proceeded normally, but later when I shut down a flash of messages indicated that Bittorrent had been removed. On restart, Bittorrent was no longer accessible from the Win 8 start screen or the task bar. Trying to reinstall from the Bittorrent web site, Ad-Aware blocked the installation download until I again turned off real time protection. Now, each time I shut down I loose the Bittorrent program icon from the Start screen and the task bar. I have to go through the process of turning off real time protection, download the installation file to be able to access the Bittorrent client. Any suggestions??
  5. Hey, I've been successfully using BitTorrent for almost a year without a single mishap however since I've switched to Avast Antivirus I have been getting a BSOD between 2-10 minutes after I begin a download on either BitTorrent itself or uTorrent. I was simply wondering whether it's possible for these two programs to conflict in a way to cause this Blue screen. Hopefully I'll get a response soon
  6. I recently installed BitTorrent free version, and it seems to launch a virus scan every so often although I haven't been able to figure out the pattern as it is not for each completed file. anyway, here is my problem. The computer I have this on is set up a bit unusually. I have an old internet security/anti virus program that I have set to not update and not scan. I have it still on the computer because of a few logging and notification features that my current and active anti virus software does not have. I KNOW that people will say I shouldnt be running both but I have it set in such a way that things have been fine. Now, for the first time in a very long time, the old one that never tries to scan or update, is trying to every so often. I cant find what setting is causing this, so if someone can point me to it, I can tell bitTorrent to launch the other program because that is the one that should run if needed, and that way I can stop getting the errors I am getting when the old one tries to update, as I have disabled it's ability so I just get an error. Thanks for the help and advice. I assume this can be found somewhere in the advanced features, but since most of those settings are using abreviations I dont know, I dont like playing around unless I am sure what I am changing. thanks