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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to everyone, My name is Abraham and I love a game called ''Heroes of might and magic 3''. Yesterday, I tried to download it using μTorrent, but at first, I had to download μTorrent and υTorrent. When the installation completed, I opened the file, but it couldn't open. The probem is that the computer hasn't been recently bencoding. I don't know what it means. This time, all my programms can't open, because when I click on them μTorrent opens automatically and it says that the computer has't been recently bencoding. I can't use a lot of my programms, such as viber, Skyoe and other. Please help me.. I tried to uninstall μTorrent, but when I go to uninstall it, I wait for hours and computer make nothing else than loading all the time! Could someone help me? Abraham
  2. I have tried the several attempts after reading through the forums to try and fix this issue. But NO solution is fixing it. Does not matter what site I use, I keep getting the same message saying "Invalid bencoding." Ever since I downloaded your recent update a few months ago, I can't download ANY torrents of ANY kind. So kindly, can yall make a new update to fix this issue? Cause trying everything between what administrators recommended, what other users recommended, nothing is fixing this solution. If it helps ANY, I only use TWO sites, Kickass and Thepiratebay Those are the only TWO I trust and I've used for years on end with no issues running them through bittorrent.
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