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Found 43 results

  1. Hello, I would like to purchase BitTorrent Tokens but don't know what exchange is approved for people in the US? Does anyone know? Thank you in advance. Lynn
  2. ilias


    Does the bitTorrent net have an intranet ways to search for not directly connected trackers/servers, and storing data on a servers/clients (a custom data, not only an indexes or similar), that will be accessible trough such search ? Why the qBitTorrent doesn't have a capability to search tracker's BitTorrent Indexes and DHT for .torrents by meta and name ?
  3. Hello, my name is Tipy and I have a problem. As you can see in the attachment, I cannot find BitTorrent in Control Panel ( there are all the apps that start with "B"). I tried multiple ways to delete a program but BitTorrent doesn't give a f**k about me, it keeps working as nothing happened. If is there someone that can help me, I would really appreciate it.
  4. Hello, I'm from Russia, but I suppose I'll be able to describe the problem I have. A while ago I turned off the notifications (and the sound of them) of BitTorrent's finished downloads in the Settings menu of Windows 10 (you know, where you can edit the apps that show notifications, look at the screenshot) and now when I want to turn it on, the icon of BitTorrent is gone. I talked with Windows support, but they said something's wrong with my client. I updated it, but the problem still appears. What should I do?
  5. After I downloaded Halo Wars Definitive Edition the CODEX folder was empty and the setup was giving me an error when I tried to install. Other people are saying that it's working fine, but why am I getting this problem
  6. Just fired up my BT client, 7.9.9.something version, AVAST popped up and bam, deleted bittorrent.exe :/ I'm gonna try v7.10 now and see what happens.
  7. I think I posted my question in the wrong forum, but I don't think that's why my question hasn't been approved yet, actually I'm not sure why it's not been approved, but I have another question. Does anyone know where I could get help with a question like this?
  8. Hi. My problem it is that I have two versions of BitTorrent on my computer; the one I am running right now it is the BitTorrent 7.6. But I have another one is The last one it is the only one that let me use the remote BitTorrent Android app but do not let me search for updates. I want to know which one I have to use and if there is a problem having two. Regards.
  9. Hey, I shifted to BitTorrent some days back and I have been having download speed issues. On uTorrent, I used to have a minimum speed of up to 1Mb/s; moving on to BitTorrent, I haven't been able to go past 320Kb/s even after optimising the client
  10. This is probably a silly question, but where do I actually GET BitTorrent so I can use it? I've looked everywhere for it and honestly can't find anything. Like the actual program for torrenting? Cause I'd really like it but I literally can't find where to get it.
  11. hello i just downloaded bit torrent pro to my surprise trying to open it takes like 2 mins then just sits unresponsive i've set to high priority also changed the compatibly of the program to windows xp also to windows 7 im currently running 10 using just stander windows 10 defender
  12. Everytime i try to open BitTorrent to install it NOTHING works! I tried to click Unblock from the Properties, i tried to reinstall it , i see no files in %appdata%, i searched everywhere for any files/folders named torrent/bittorent yet nothing works help me please i need it! It just doesn't open , no errors no nothing EDIT: OS is windows xp professional 32bit
  13. Hey, almost every bittorrent tracker ist blocked by my ISP. I can only visit them when using proxy sites like and even those proxy sites get blocked latly. Any idea on how to access them? Is it possible to use the tor browser to access them? Never used it but i probl. should give it a try?
  14. i tried to find some kind of fix for this, but all i could find was old troubleshooting threads kept talking about a "hidden labels" option, which i dont have i dont believe. it says i have 1 torrent downloading, but i cant see it anywhere. here's a screenshot. edit: sorry, this posted twice for some reason, but im not exactly sure how to delete it.
  15. Part of the Availability bar for one of my Torrents is red. The rest of it is green. I have deleted all trackers and DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange is all that's left.
  16. Hello guys, I am trying to fix my download speeds. Whenever I run the BitTorrent Setup Guide to test my Bandwidth and Network, Bandwidth get's an error. I already found what is causing the problem, but I can't fix it. What I've done: 1. Port TCP/UDP forward in my router 2. Added the TCP/UDP ports to my firewall 3. Added BitTorrent to my firewall applications with allowed all option 4. Added BitTorrent to my allowed antivirus applications 5. Disabled randomize port each start in BitTorrent preference 6. Port used for incoming connection: the same as I put in my firewall and router 7. Enable UPnP port mapping 8. Enable NAT-PMP mapping 9. Add windows firewall exception 10. Windows firewall is being commanded by AVG, nothing special found in windows firewall. BitTorrent is added to windows firewall. 11. In Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level, I've enabled 'Access data sources across domains'. 12. Right bottom corner of BitTorrent I've disabled DHT / also tested with DHT enabled Whenever AVG security 2015 is fully enabled: Results: PORT is open in BitTorrent. So Network is OK. Green mark in BitTorrent Setup Guide. Results: Bandwidth has a red mark with error 10054. Whenever I disable my AVG firewall: Results: PORT is open in BitTorrent. So Network is OK. Green mark in BitTorrent Setup Guide. Results: Bandwidth has a red mark with error 10054. Whenever I disable AVG protection, but enable AVG firewall: Results: PORT is open in BitTorrent. So Network is OK. Green mark in BitTorrent Setup Guide. Results: Bandwidth has a GREEN mark, Upload 1MB/s, download 12MB/s. So the problem is not my firewall, but the AVG protection. How can I fix this? UPDATE: I've restarted my PC, and with the settings described above, my download speeds are higher. The bandwidth test is still red, but I read that's not important right? Anyways, download is fast again after pc restart. Thanks
  17. Hello, I have 80 megabits speed but when downloading torrent, old/new simply i do not get the speed near to my expectation. Usually I receive 50-70 kB/s for all the torrent files. When download start, it's gradually increases but with in few seconds it stalls. I tried disabling antivirus and recently I reinstalled my Windows(8.1) but no use. I have tried VPN to check if really it's blocked/limited by my ISP but VPN doesn't allow torrent download at all. There is something fishy with my ISP, I called them and they totally denied limiting my access to torrents. Let me know what could be done! Best Regards, M.Aqib
  18. Ive been using Bittorrent for awhile without issue but this previous week my DL speed has shot down to nearly nonexistent. my normal DL speed is around 5 MB/S. i currently am trying to download a few torrents each with over 100 seeders and less than 20 seeders total but my speeds are sitting steady at 20 KB/S. my link Please help as i have no idea what changed to make my DL speeds plummet
  19. Yeah okay so I try installing this, and then my antivirus tells me that this bloody OpenCandy garbage is built in. Any way to get it so it doesn't have that garbage in it?
  20. If a proxy specified under Preferences-->Connection is used (let's say it's SOCKS 5), will BitTorrent stop uploading/downloading if the connection with a proxy server suddenly breaks down? Or will it switch to using "home" IP? If it stops uploading/downloading, is it so precise that no data actually leaves the computer under "home" IP or will it deanonymize the user?
  21. Hello, I have recently switched ISP from Talk Talk to Plusnet and I've had an issue since. As soon as I start the program the download speed goes up to 1.8MB/s then drops after 30 seconds to ~200-300kb/s. The only way for the speeds to return to normal is if I manually change ports within the program the speed shoots back up then drops again after about 30 seconds. I've forwarded the ports in my router and allowed the program and ports to my firewall so I'm at a loss as to why I'm having to manually change ports every 30 seconds when the speed is obviously there, I've spoken to my ISP and they told me they do not throttle anymore so that is not the issue. Hopefully you guys have some helpful tips and answers I could try, thanks in advance.
  22. Why are my upload speeds often not even exceeding the 10 KB/s? I want to share torrent files I've downloaded, but it's so slow. Any solutions?
  23. I'm running Bittorrent 7.9.2 on Windows 7 64, and ever since I tried to disable the annoying ads (particularly the left hand one that takes up about 1/4 of the window), I have not been able to reliably download anything. After spending a few hours fiddling with settings, I can usually get downloads going again - temporarily. With no repeatable pattern found as yet. I'm using a random port #, that is port-forwarded through my Linux firewall. Network tests are always good (unless I turn off both uPNP and NAT-PMP). Running Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, and regularly pause protection or exit it to try and get downloads working again, no luck. I have also tried resetting Winsock, last time I tried downloads resumed the second time I rebooted after executing the command, so it may not have been related. I was going to include details from the Info tab of a test torrent, but it's all 0's except the hash, added date, directory, etc. The trackers tab is also un-enlightening, with that specific torrent showing a working http tracker with plenty of seeds/peers. Others vary, with some hostnames not found (probably shut down), or connections timed out. But they do all appear to have at least one working tracker, with seeds/peers located - but not one single successful connection (staying up), incoming or outgoing. Traffic shows between 0.5-10 KB/s of overhead, no data traffic. I just found the statistics window, which shows 1509 incoming connections since start, 0 outgoing, 1411 handshake, 651 connections, 8 half-open (0 queued). Looks like the client is refusing to accept or make connections. The ONLY thing working properly at the moment, is the ads. Suspecting that disabling the ads was coded to cripple downloads and make people pay for Pro, I have reset all Advanced options to default (except the gui.show_notorrents_node one, which seems to reset itself to false after I reset it to the default of true), without success. Occasionally while starting up the client I will see an Active torrent (usually a seed), but that will go away within a few minutes. Some of the torrents I currently have at 0 KBps and 0 peers connected, are listed as having over 1000 peers, so it is definitely not a lack of peers to download from. I can add a torrent to qBittorrent and it works perfectly (including on the same port #, if I shutdown Bittorrent first), but lacks one or two features I prefer about Bittorrent. Any assistance would be appreciated. I would really rather not have to find another torrent client.
  24. We just standardized our peer ID in Popcorn Time (quite a large amount of users use Popcorn Time, our estimates put it at around 5 million to 10 million people) so we were wondering how we got a "friendly" name put into uTorrent/BitTorrent clients for the Peer ID we use in Popcorn Time. Regards, XeonCore
  25. At the beginning bittorrent client downloads a large file without a problem, but as soon as the cache gets filed up, the download speed gets capped to 9.7-10kbps. Why isn't it fixed yet? Why isn't cache getting auto-released/flushed/send to the disc? Also, file is being downloaded into an external flash drive, because as far as I know, frequent write/read lessens SSD's lifespan. In other words, torrenting in SSD = bad, use external disc for torrenting, okay? A little bit offtopic, but how do I access advanced preferences? The latest version has small settings.