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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Very interesting case ... BTSync on my NAS Synology DS 715 automatically stopps running and is deactivated, without myself having done anything. Every few days I have to manually restart BTSync. I have 2.3 as a version. Any ideas what this could be? Phil
  2. Hi, Is it safe to rely on btsync for backup? What will happen, if one of my computers has bad sectors that affect synced data, is there a chance that the data corruption will spread over to all synced copies? Thanks Daniel
  3. Greetings BTSync forum: I've been using BTSync for months now. It has worked flawlessly for me with directories containing huge amounts of data (several gig). I keep a laptop at home running BTSync, Teamviewer, Bittorrent, etc etc. I use another laptop on the road (at work) and sync files back and forth without any problem. However, I have ran across a situation that I believe may be a bug. A previous poster from this thread: indicated they were having problems with "special characters" hanging the BTSync process. I am having trouble with BTSync hanging after I open a Word or Excel file. After the file (any file) is opened, a temporary file with ~$ added to the beginning of the filename is created as part of Microsoft Office's "AutoRecover" process. The file "~$filename.docx" will be created and synced, but when I close the file and the "~$filename.docx" is removed, the sync process hangs in BTSync. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  4. Is there some way to implement version control with BTSync to preserve a public folder against vandalism? Also is it some how possible for multiple parties to hold only part of a massive BTSync folder? How would one go about implementing things like this?
  5. Hello Everyone, First of all I must say btsync is very good syncing tool. I have one question: I have 2 servers which are synced using btsync they have huge filesystem. If both server disconnect due to some reason and come up again for syncing will they sync only those files which were not synced last time or first they will compare their filesystem and then it will sync what is not present on other server? Summary: Does btsync compare file system everytime it come up for syncing after disconnection? May be I couldn't explain my question very well but I you don't understand then I will again try to explain some other way. Thank you