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Found 3 results

  1. Reproduction of the bug: Have some torrents at 100% download, but with some files skipped. Right click on icon in windows tray, pause all torrents. Through same tray menu exit BitTorrent client. Open client again After this, the 100% downloaded torrents show completion percentage as if all files are set to be downloaded even though if you click individual torrents, in "priority" it shows "skip". If you start marking files as skipped again, everything is fine again. Naturally when you click "resume all torrents" from the aforementioned windows tray, all torrents begin downloading the skipped files. This saddens me a lot as I often pause everything to have less lag and forget about them and remember only after a PC restart ;(
  2. I was downloading 1 game with bittorent and sudennly my disc D dissapeard. When i am not downloading with bittorent it isnt happening i had this problem with one torrent and now every torrent do this... disc is alright because i have only 1 but divided them into 2 . if someone have some help how to fix it please help thnx
  3. Ok, before I start Im gonna go out on a wing and say that Im assuming Bittorrent is the source of this problem as I have nothing else installed that could be the source.... So anyway, recently I was installing a game via a torrent and noticed an alert saying "storage space running out". this was odd as a week ago I had 100gb remaining. After inspecting what was clogging up my hdd I found a tonne, (See picture), of ads that had been downloaded countless times. After scrolling through and thinking it over, I realised that these were the same ads that bittorrent would often play when I was torrenting. Id understand if there was like 1, maybe 3 of each ad but im talking thousands of each, each ad at 4 mb(ish) and about 30 different ads, it starts to get ridiculous the more I look into it.
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