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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I have recently transferred content from one macbook air to another and so also my torrents in progress as well as the bittorrent was transferred as well. In the first attached pic these are files which have been downloaded to an extent but not completely and the bittorrent doesn't read these files as more than one of them have again started their download display from 0%. the second pic shows the type of warnings i get on my torrents. please help me fix this problem as i am unable to download anything. any help is appreciated. there was no such problem previously.
  2. Hi, Im unable to locate & find a new torrent file I downloaded. I'm trying to use BitTorrent to see if its downloaded but i can't not see the file. I clicked on install and all went smooth but when I go in BitTorrent I can not find the download? (Im a new user). Thanks in advance!
  3. Here's what I do to reproduce the result: 1. File > Add RSS Feed > insert RSS link > set subscription to "Automatically download all items published in feed" and "Use smart episode filter" > OK > right-click on the feed > update feed > download not starting (feed already filled with bunch of torrents) 2. File > Add RSS Feed > insert RSS link > set subscription to "Automatically download all items published in feed" only > OK > right-click on the feed > update feed > download starting Please help, thank you.
  4. Hi there, Bitorrent installer goes through the process, has me agree to terms then seemingly downloads until a little box pops up and tells me 'couldn't install bittorrent application.' But a larger box says the installation was successful, even though it was not Then chrome shuts down and restarts and my default browser search engine setting becomes yahoo. What gives? -Corey