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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I would like my account (Bittorrent forums) deleted. I cannot find the option, which is not cool. Thank you
  2. So when I try to delete, lets say 5 torrents at the same time. Bittorrent will one by one, open the delete progress bar window and delete a file, then close the window and open a new one, delete a file. Deleting large torrents with many files/folders takes several minutes. It never used to do this that I remember, but its been doing it for at least a few months. It's pretty annoying.
  3. Hello, new to the BitTorrent forum. I installed qbitorrent a while back in favour of UTorrent which had been causing me problems. Now, qbitorrent is causing an problem. Normally when I wish to preview a 100% downloaded file I first pause the file. I do this to check on the quality of the file before burning to disc - usually a movie. However, now when I click the pause button the file is promptly deleted. Anyone any idea why this is happening ? I mean, surely only the delete should be able to delete files ?
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so I'm not too sure about how this works so I apologize in advance if I have done anything wrong. I've been trying to clean my mac and I pass by BitTorrent. I haven't used this old friend in years so I decide to delete it... It doesn't show up in the spotlight, however, it does show up in my finder on "My Mac." Now when I try to drag the three icons to my trash... Any help? I can still open up BitTorrent and is fully functionable.
  5. This isn't technically a big issue and I have already worked out a sort of workaround. I have not read enough in the Forums to be more than a 'n00b' at best. From what I have read, though, there may be a setting that can be changed to produce the results without all the effort I now use. The intent is to build an increasing data store on a system through the use of multiple syncs to the Main. The problem was when people deleted anything on their own end, it also deleted on the Main end, It sync'ed which is what it should do but not quite what we needed. Is there a way that I can use BTS by itself to create an archive whose files cannot get deleted? Currently I am doing a daily backup of each folder which adds any new material from each sync to another folder but never delete things that are gone. While this is using BTSync for something it was not intended to do, I think I read in one post that changes to a certain file (making it a value of zero?) might disable the deletion? If done in that way, would subsequent syncs with another or the same file with the same name create extra copies? As in: '' and '' , '' etc?
  6. There are completed downloads that I have temporarily stopped from seeding. But when I try to start seeding again the entire download is erased. I would like to be a good citizen and do my share, but have no idea how this happens. 1. How can I restore those files and begin seeding them? 2. What can I do to prevent this in the future? I am a 60 year old grandmother so please be kind and respond with plain language. Most tech acronyms go over my head. Thanks much.
  7. Whenever my computer crashes (And I think whenever I restart it too) bittorrent deletes all the torrents from the client that are seeding and downloading. I can't stand this! I'm the type of person that seeds indefinitley! Please help!
  8. I have BitTorrent Sync installed on two Macs and an iPhone (v1.1.118). In the process of setting up the iPhone I have ended up with two versions of the same folder on the device. How can I delete the folders so I can start again.
  9. I try to explain the functionality that I wish on Bittorrent Sync. I have a deposit folder (I will call it D) on a ARM platform at my home and a mobile folder (I will call it M) on a windows XP at my office netbook. When I download a file on M automatic sync update D. Supposing 'read only' functionality is on other files in D not be copied on M : this for me is very good because D is less more than 1Tb and I don't wont that is sync on M. This works fine with current feautures. I need an option that, when sync is finished, let me delete file in M and NOT sync back deletion on D keeping the file in deposit. So, my functionality may be named 'not sync delete'. Also may be useful to mark files as 'delete local files after syncing' and Bittorrent Sync delete the file.
  10. i cant delete the files downloaded from torrent..its always giving a message "the file you are trying to delete is opened in another program" but that is not the case...its not in torrent window or is running anywhere ..i also closed all the programs by windows task manager but its still not helping..and the worst part is its just not 1 file..several files are giving me the same problem..and these files are specifically downloaded from torrent only..plz help
  11. I accidentally hit remove on a rather large file i was torrenting. (why is there no "are you sure you want to do this"?!?!) This resulted in all the files being moved to the trash bin. When i click "put back" on the files it does nothing, probably because it removed them from their original folders and mixed them all together. I have to idea what to do and I really need these files back so I can finish downloading them. Re-downloading is not an option. any suggestion on how to handle this?